Horner: Hamilton/Vettel line-up might not be ideal

Christian Horner says that team harmony at Red Bull would take priority over creating an enviable Sebastian Vettel/Lewis Hamilton line up.

Hamilton has been linked with a possible future at RBR after he met with Horner in Montreal.

Asked by the BBC whether he could envisage Hamilton and Vettel working together, Horner said: “Sometimes as a team you have to look beyond what on paper perhaps looks the most attractive. It’s all about harmony and team at the end of the day, it’s not about individuals. That’s the most important thing to us.”

Asked whether he thought Hamilton really wanted to leave McLaren, he added: “I think that’s only really a question that Lewis could answer. He’s been there since he was almost just out of nappies. It’s one that I can’t answer. Of course every driver at the moment would like to be driving a Red Bull car, that’s only normal when we’ve had the kind of performance we’ve enjoyed over the last few years.”


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5 responses to “Horner: Hamilton/Vettel line-up might not be ideal

  1. Hamilton, Vettel et.al would do well to remember that Newey hasn’t always designed winning cars. The Williams of 94 or the McLaren MP4/17 and MP4/18 which never even ran an failed FIA crash tests twice. Jumping ship may not be the answer to Hamiltons problems and he might be better off looking at his own mind set to improve his WDC chances.

  2. Stone the crows

    I’m sure Lewis would like to drive an Red Bull, but I think he’d like to take his in pewter with a vodafone livery.

  3. Sod’s Law would bang its gavel as soon as he left McLaren anyway: no sooner would he have parked himself in the blue cockpit than Red Bull’s competitiveness would slide. I have no technical reasons for thinking that: i just reckon it would be Hamilton’s luck. He’s better off where he is and concentrating on rallying the team around him a la Schumacher at Ferrari. His best hope is McLaren somehow managing to lure Newey back again…

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