Williams-Renault back on grid in 2012

Williams and Renault will be back together again in 2012 and 2013, the last two seasons before the new turbo formula.

The team says that “the newly-formed co-operation includes several other exciting business and marketing opportunities, with a view to continuing after the introduction of the new, energy efficient, turbocharged V6 engines in 2014.”

Renault will now have four customers, while Cosworth is left with just Virgin and HRT.

Renault Sport F1 president Bernard Rey, commented, “Renault remains in Formula One to achieve success in a cost efficient way and the partnership with Williams has great potential to add to the results we have notched up over recent years with our other partner teams.

“Williams has recently taken several important steps, both commercially and technically, to update its operations and we feel that this partnership is another important step in its rigorous plan. It reiterates how determined the team is to achieve results, which matches perfectly with our own objectives.

“From 2012 onwards the fact that we will have four partners puts us ahead of other engine manufacturers in terms of market share, but off track it will also enable us to further use Formula One as a marketing platform for our parent company, Renault, to try to bring a bit of this association to our fans and our customers worldwide.

“Of course there’s also a great pride in reviving the Williams-Renault name. Together, we produced racing cars that are recognised for their technical innovation and it is still Renault’s most successful period in F1 to date. It’s a hugely exciting opportunity for both Renault and Williams.”

Frank Williams added: “We are delighted and excited by our new partnership with Renault. This reunites the F1 team with a leading car manufacturer and complements our new relationship with Jaguar. At the same time, we are grateful to Cosworth: they have been a fair and reliable partner both on and off the track for the past two years and we look forward to working with them across our business in the future.

“Our previous relationship with Renault was one of the most successful in Williams’ history but we will not allow ourselves to dwell too much on the past. We must look to the future and continue to re-build our on-track reputation, which I am hopeful that today’s announcement will help us to do.”


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6 responses to “Williams-Renault back on grid in 2012

  1. Dave

    Fantastic news for Williams. I’m sure the team will get a real boost from this announcement and be looking forward to next year.

  2. Hope this means williams back in the top teams by 2013!

  3. John smith

    about 3 years late this event in grove……
    and about the same time sam overspent there….

    I do hope it’s not too late.

  4. the ref

    good new about time.

  5. Tony

    When they start spending Red Bull type of money and find the next Newey, then they might have a chance, oh, did I mention that they also need to find the next Vettel

  6. Interestingly nostalgic atmosphere at Williams these days, what with the Rothmans-esque livery this year as well

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