McLaren extends Paffett deal to 2012

McLaren has extended its deal with Gary Paffett into 2012. The Brit will continue to combine his role as test, development and reserve driver with his Mercedes DTM drive.

Paffett has been involved with the team since 2005, usually sharing duties with Pedro de la Rosa – other than in 2010, when the Spaniard went to Sauber.

“I’ve been a part of this team for more than five years, and it’s a place where I really feel happy and comfortable, and where I can confidently speak my mind,” said Paffett. “I’m proud that my contribution has enabled the team to remain a race and championship-winning force in Formula 1, and I truly believe that we’ll continue to grow and improve in the future.”

Martin Whitmarsh added: “Gary has become a vital part of our technical support and development team – both at the track and in the simulator. Both Gary and the team believes that this deal will underline his reputation as a strong development driver and a true team player.”


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7 responses to “McLaren extends Paffett deal to 2012

  1. Jason C

    Wouldn’t McLaren do better getting an ex-F1 driver? There must be a few about to retire from racing very soon.

    But if it works for them, then fair enough, I suppose.

  2. @ Jason Well they already have De La Rosa as a vastly experienced F1 driver. Guess this means Paffet has abandoned his shot at an F1 racing seat though, signing as reserve driver again with Mclaren doesn’t exactly give him much options anymore, and he’s getting too old for a team to want to invest in him long-term. I’d have thought the new Virgin-Mclaren deal could have opened up some options for him..then again Mclaren have no qualms loaning out their reserve drivers to other teams lol.

  3. pollerunner

    Hi Adam, sorry to comment on something different:-)
    But I think the fota fan meetings should be virtual, so fans could attend where they are. I am so annoyed that because I am danish I have no say… with internet I could be able to attend a virtual meeting at least Microsoft can do that. I am so envy on those who attended the meeting at Mclaren HQ did it cost money or what? But yes I would like to say some thing also and for that I love this format. But it sucks both to have to be on the web, facebook, twitter and what have you in order to follow the news flow. I have just attended Valencia ant a lot of money was spend but so little action after the practice and race. Just go home or spend a lot at the merchandise shops. Not a chance to go on track like Monaco or see anything.

  4. pollerunner

    I love the internet I can get news real time news that in the 1990-00 took weeks or months. I get my Autocourse and f1 dvd on release dates. You get news on the fly. I love it. My wife and my employer might not like my addiction, but I do. But could you please be more specific than this:
    Sounds like @AussieGrit is enjoying the scenery in Harrods today! 3 hours ago
    Where do I get the story?

    • Mark just tweeted that he’d seen a girl in a short skirt, not really such a big story! Thanks anyway for your comments, I agree that a lot of fans might like to contribute to the FOTA events. They will at least do something in Italian around Monza time.

  5. pollerunner

    It is not meant in a bad way I just want to know it all. Your page autosport and scarabf1 is pages I check every day several times a day. But I think you should keep to one media

  6. Martin,UK

    If you’re folliwing Adams Twitter feed then it doesn’t take much effort to find out what he was on about. just click on @aussiegrit and look at his recent tweets.

    Must admit i did want to reply to Marks tweet telling him it was pointless without pics lol

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