Alonso to drive 1951 Ferrari at Silverstone

Fernando Alonso is to get some extra mileage at Silverstone tomorrow morning when he has a go in a 1951 Ferrari 375.

Owned by Bernie Ecclestone, the car is the one used by Jose Froilan Gonzalez to win that year’s British GP – the first World Championship win for the Italian marque.

It was hoped to get Gonzalez over to the UK for the 60th anniversary celebrations, but the 88-year-old was unable to travel.

He will however be in a TV studio in Argentina tomorrow to receive a message from the team. He doesn’t yet know that Alonso will be driving his old car.

Fernando has previously driven a similar car that was built for the Indy 500.


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3 responses to “Alonso to drive 1951 Ferrari at Silverstone

  1. Jumpy Bob

    He knows now.

  2. Finally caught up with the coverage of Alonso and the 375 from Silverstone, thanks to fans on YouTube.
    Great to see and hear the 375.
    Ecclestone’s reaction to Alonso doing more than the expected single demonstration lap is well worth seeing.

    But I sincerely hope Gonzalez, and all motorsport fans (be they Alonso fans or not) take the time to watch Alonso’s second lap, and his in lap of this deomstration.
    As he stops waving to the crowd, and starts pushing the 375.
    You see him start to lean into the turns, work at the wheel as he loads and unloads the 375.
    And you see him perform some lovely powerslides, where he steers with the throttle on exit.
    And even Silverstone’s rather muted crowd respond to his efforts.

    It’s well worth watching to the end too.
    When he finds he’s just missed the Driver’s Parade vehicle due to his extended demonstration.
    And starts running after it to join it.

    Can only hope Gonzalez got to see it all.
    How insightful it would be to hear/read his reponse to Alonso’s efforts.
    Can only hope the BBC do an item on it with Coulthard/Brundle interviewing Alonso.
    As he doesn’t always get the easiest time from the UK Press, Cooper excluded of course.

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