FIA may give up blowing clampdown for next GP if teams agree

After Charlie Whiting met team technical directors this lunchtime the FIA has said that it will keep the 10% throttle opening arrangement in place for this race, but may abandon it for the next event.

However a return to the rules as they were in Valencia will only happen if all the teams agree.

Presumably they will also have to agree not to protest, which was previously one of the main concerns that led to the attempted clampdown.

The FIa said today: During Saturday morning’s Extraordinary Technical Working Group Meeting the members discussed the vialbility of returning to the pre-Silverstone set-ups and strategies.

If the teams are in unanimous agreement, the FIA is prepared to adopt this arrangement until the end of the current season.


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8 responses to “FIA may give up blowing clampdown for next GP if teams agree

  1. D


    Whats the chances that HRT will fall in line and agree to go back to the way things were pre-Valencia when it makes it more difficult for them to get within 107% and qualify for the race.

    The Renault & Mercedes powered teams will no doubt do what they are told, Williams & Virgin will follow their 2012 partners, which doesnt leave anyone else to object if Mercedes, Renault & Ferrari all want the problem to go away.

    Either way – its farcical. Or whatever comes after farcical, we passed that when noone knew the rules until minutes before FP3 began.

  2. I dont see why do u say that williams will follow…
    It totally the contrary…

  3. D

    Williams have Renault engines next year, theyll do what they are told.

    F1 politics has a long history of teams doing what their current and/or future engine suppliers tell them regardless of whats best for them.

    We’ll see, my logic is likely badly flawed somwhere but it makes sense to me 😉

  4. Mick

    I’m sure they will agree. No team would want to be the one blamed for causing this debacle to continue. There may be some concession to HRT re the 107% rule.

  5. Jeffery Kulovitz

    Ferrari seems happy with their results today. If they had a good Grand Prix and were to possibly finish had of the Bulls would they want a real change. Ferrari just has not done nearly as much complaining as the other major teams about the change.

  6. Mostyn

    Whilst HRT are not part of FOTA at the moment they have begun a close partnership with Red Bull as they are providing a driver to them with some commercial package. I think therefore all teams have some element of relationship that can be used to achieve a political solution.

    Whatever happens it needs to be resolved days before a GP or days after not in between sessions. This has confused and frustrated fans, teams, commentators and drivers today. We simply need to know that everyone is driving to the best ability of the drivers and engineers according to the same regulations that are set and understood by all way in advance.

    Good event so far with the weather. Looking forward to race tomorrow.

  7. Jack Shaftoe

    I think the FIA should do whatever is in the best interests of Ferrari. 😉

    • KD

      > I think the FIA should do whatever is in the best interests of Ferrari.

      Isn’t that what we observed them doing?

      How can anyone believe that a former team boss can walk out of Ferrari and directly into the top job at the FIA and not have a teensy weensy bit of a bias towards his old team?

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