Pat Fry: “We are working in the right direction”

Ferrari chassis boss Pat Fry says that the team is still developing this year’s car, and suggests that there is still useful potential in it – and that the benefits will also go into next year’s model.

He also says that the Silverstone win, the first of 2011, was a huge boost for the Italian team.

“The main satisfaction was that it was great to get a victory in Silverstone after all the hard work of the past four months trying to close the gap,” said Fry on the Ferrari website. “And it was gratifying to see that it had paid off. It does not change our approach for the next few races.

“What that win does is show that we have understood our problems and we are working in the right direction. We will continue to develop the car as quickly as we can, and each step we make improves our understanding, which is important as it also impacts on work for next year’s car.

“We have a few more updates coming for this weekend at the Nurburgring and then one further update for Hungary the following week. We are keeping the pressure on to develop as much as we can before the summer break.”

Fry says he’s hopeful that the Nurburgring will suit the Ferrari, and believes that the car is now competitive on all Pirelli’s compounds.

“In a way it can be compared to Silverstone, in that it has long duration corners, even if they are more medium speed than high speed. Trying to find a balance through those corners is a little bit more difficult as it suits our car less than the brake-turn-accelerate type of circuit like Canada and Valencia.

“In terms of tyres, we will have the Medium and Soft again, a sensible choice for this track, and one which suits our car well. However, the last race showed we are making progress in adapting the car to all tyre types. Earlier in the year, in Barcelona for example, we struggled on the Hard tyre, but we have made improvements and our qualifying pace on Hard tyres in Silverstone was a match for others.”

Fry anticipates that the DRS might not be very effective this weekend: “We cannot be certain until we have run the cars on track, but at the Nurburgring, the DRS zone involves following someone closely through the high speed corner onto the back straight, which will be a little bit of a challenge for drivers to get within the regulatory one second gap to the car ahead before they are allowed to activate the system.

“This means the degree of difficulty should be similar to Silverstone, rather than somewhere like Canada or Valencia.”

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