Webber and Michael help with Leigh Adams charity auction

Mark Webber and Sam Michael have joined forces to help raise funds for Australian Speedway legend Leigh Adams.

Adams suffered spinal injuries last month while practising for the Finke Desert Race off-road event, having recently retired from frontline speedway competition.

The two Aussie F1 personalities and journalist Norbert Ockenga have helped to gather items for an eBay auction which has now gone live. Paddock passes and signed bodywork are among the star attractions.

“He is a 10 times Australian speedway champion and he raced in the world championship for about 15 years, winning multiple GP’s before returning to Australia about six months ago,” said Michael. “He’s basically the Peter Brock of speedway in Australia!  Now he has a long rehab road in front of him, with his wife and two kids as well.

“Leigh is a die hard racer and not short of friends in the F1 paddock including myself, Mark Webber and Norbert Ockenga. With the kind help of others, we’ve managed to pull together some items to auction to raise money for his rehab.”

The eBay member name is ‘leighadamsrehabauction’, or you can copy this link:


“I am hugely relieved to have recently been given the OK to stop wearing a neck brace that was driving me crazy,” said Adams on his website today. “Not having the neck brace makes everyday tasks that bit easier. I’m happily propelling myself around in a wheelchair and I’m already looking ahead to a lighter, more agile design to aid my increasing mobility.

“My plans for the future will require some initial lifestyle changes, but remain relatively unchanged. My goal is to enjoy time in Australia with my family and to continue with my plans to conduct Speedway training schools across the nation and to develop junior speedway bikes.”

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