Test gives Perez chance to stake claim for 2013 Ferrari seat

As announced in July Sergio Perez will drive a two-year-old car at Fiorano this week as part of his involvement with the team’s young driver scheme.

Such running falls outside the testing agreement, and the Mexican will also have two days on the team’s simulator.

He’s widely regarded as a potential replacement for Felipe Massa in 2013, at which point he will have had two years of experience at Sauber. Intriguingly Stefano Domenicali gave Perez a big endorsement at Monza yesterday.

“As you know Sergio is part of our Driver Academy, and I think he is doing a great season,” said Domenicali. “It’s part of the training programme that we give the drivers who are part of the academy. It’s something that is related to his improvement, to his technical skill, to give him some laps with our cars and knowing better that situation.

“I think Sergio has a good chance of having a great career. He has started with a good, humble approach, and I saw him growing very much.”

Jules Bianchi will also drive the F60 on Thursday.


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3 responses to “Test gives Perez chance to stake claim for 2013 Ferrari seat

  1. I think it would be a mistake for Perez to go to Ferrari while Alonso is there. He may be a solid driver, but if 11-time GP winner Massa can’t get consistently close, I don’t think Perez has much chance.

    If he gets blown away it really could damage his career, as it did for Kovalainen when he had two relatively poor years at McLaren.

  2. If you get offered a Ferrari, Mclaren, or Red Bull drive entering your third year how could you not except it? If you get a shot at a top team you are always going to have to go up against a super fast team mate. These opportunities do not usually come around twice.

  3. Dave Aston

    At Sauber, the scorecard so far is Kobayashi 27, Perez 8. I hope they give Kamui a chance too; or would that make Alonso nervous?

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