Ferrari boss wants F1 cars to sound like “heavy metal band”

Ferrari team principal Maurizio Arrivabene has backed Niki Lauda’s call for a more exciting F1 regulations to be introduced in 2017.

Arrivabene, whose background is in marketing, stressed that it is important for the sport to entertain the public.

“I’ve read what our friend Niki has to say. He’s top of the class, whereas I’m sitting about four desks further back,” he told the Ferrari website. “I share Niki’s view that Formula 1 needs to be more spectacular and I believe that the risk he evokes of the sport losing fans is something that has unfortunately already happened.

“By 2017, I too would like to see cars that win over the fans, with cars that they can get closer to and that are aesthetically more appealing, maybe even producing a noise that gets your hair standing on end, like that produced by a heavy metal band. That was what it was like back in the day when Niki was racing and I was an enthusiastic fan, clutching my general admission ticket.”

Arrivabene says that major changes are required: “I don’t think a simple evolution is enough in this case. Instead, a real revolution is called for, with significant and radical changes. By that I mean more power, higher speeds, not necessarily involving the use of more fuel, but definitely applying a cost reduction to those components that are of little interest to the general public.

“Being closer to the people actually involves taking F1 to the people, possibly holding the Thursday driver press conferences and team presentations of a Grand Prix weekend, outside the circuit in a public area. That way, the cities that host the races could provide the arena for a presentation of the drivers and cars, in a properly managed event.

“I have long felt that the real competition to F1 today, in the sense of it being a show, comes from a variety of forms of entertainment, not least from the internet, including racing video games. It is up to us to provide something better and to download a new format for Formula 1 as soon as possible. How likely are we to do it? I know it wouldn’t be the usual way of going about things, but a global survey on the internet and via the TV companies would give us a real idea of what people want. In fact, even in this area of sport as entertainment, we should follow the trend of demand driving what’s on offer.”


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3 responses to “Ferrari boss wants F1 cars to sound like “heavy metal band”

  1. Yeah baby, dat’s a BIG babene from me! Heavy metal’s wot we want, not the current lullaby 4 infants.

    Why the hell’s everyone talking about pleasing the next gen of viewers? They can’t even afford to buy a ticket, their parents have to introduce the kids to the world of F1 first. Lego looking toy cars & vacuum cleaner sound is OK for children under 5 years of age but they won’t remember any of it by the time they’re 10-15 yrs old. Dat’s when you gotta catch dem kids with their pants down and present a mind-blowing show to spotty teenagers.

    Arrivato definitely got some big ideas, I like his suggestion about more user-friendly drivers & more access 2 cars/stars. Mamma kudos.

    I also wanna show a trailblazing example to other fans and wot Imma do is Imma ignore modern F1 in favour of classic F1 competition in 2015. I cancelled my Jerez trip a few days ago, not spending my cash on this sad show. Instead a visit to classic F1 testing is now on the cards. I’ll keep banging on about how much I loved the sound of Cosworth DFV all year long.

    Make a difference: say no to hybrids in Formula 1. Let the ice melt & tropical islands disappear.

  2. Well it seems like common sense has re-entered the paddock, just in time to see the back of the poison dwarf too. All he has to say now to have me signing on any dotted line he has, is to say costs need to be reduced for the fans, as the last time I went, the hotel, dinner for me and the wife, including not an inconsiderable amount of wine, was cheaper than the general admission tickets. I am a middle aged, financially healthy, business owner who baulked at the cost and rI’ll not go back until sanity prevails.

    If the FIA allowed any configurations at a certain capacity with hybrid power, for it is current and F1 does have to be the technical pinnacle of motorsport, it would be better; listen to the indy car 2.2 V8 hybrid for proof.

    However, I’ll not wait be waiting with bated breath as F1 has always had this incredible capacity, with Todt and the dwarf at the helm, of shooting itself in the foot.

  3. GeorgeK

    It’s not the engine-hybrid configuration that is responsible for the weak exhaust note: It’s the fuel limitations and RPM limits on the engine. They never get close to max revs where the engines can really wail.

    If they ever get to racing with 1000 HP units as they are talking about, I think the concert will be considerably more interesting.

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