Lewis Hamilton: “I just kept my mouth shut…”

Lewis and Anthony Hamilton before the start in Italy

Lewis Hamilton admits that he opted not to criticise Michael Schumacher after the Italian GP because he thought it would be better not to court controversy by voicing a negative opinion.

In Monza Lewis carefully avoided questions about Schumacher’s tactics, although his body language made it pretty clear that he was not happy.

Given his occasionally difficult relationship with the press, it’s perhaps not surprising that he took that course.

“I was disappointed that I couldn’t do better in the race,” he said when asked by this blog if he had stayed quiet tried to avoid trouble. “I just kept my mouth shut. It’s done me a lot of good, I’ve been relaxed for the last couple of weeks, I haven’t had too many problems!”

Pressed on whether that was now a deliberate policy, Lewis added: “You [the media] are constantly asking me what lessons I’ve learned, and that was one lesson I was able to apply that day.

“I’m very, very passionate, and I think I’m very open and very blunt with the things that I say, and I’m not scared to say what I feel. But it can be used against me. So I just won’t… And at that time I was able to control myself, and that’s what life is about, being in control.”

Asked how difficult it was to do that, Lewis said: “If someone punches you in the face, how hard is it not to punch back? When you’re at school, unless you’re scared, it’s hard for you to hold back and stay in control.”

Meanwhile Lewis said he wasn’t frustrated that the championship battle is all but over.

“It’s not frustrating at all. It’s sad that the season may be over this weekend for us as a team. We would love to be leading both championships, that’s what we’ve all worked for throughout the year, but that’s not the way it is, and we need to do a better job next year.”

Hamilton also paid a tribute to Sebastian Vettel: “I think he’s driven exceptionally this year. He’s really driven very, very well. He’s finished first or second in all the races apart from one. Massively consistent, massively well controlled, his persona, his attitude, has been very professional. He’s made very few mistakes.”


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6 responses to “Lewis Hamilton: “I just kept my mouth shut…”

  1. Michael C

    this appears to be a very ‘wearing his heart on his sleeve’ type of person and good luck to him for it. He certainly had the patience of a saint against Schumacher

  2. Carol

    Aka: “when someone does the same things to me that I do to other people, it gets me very upset. As this time it was the 7time champion MSchumacher, I thought it was better to keep my mouth shut!”
    I’ll tell you, LH, if you can acctually learn to keep your mouth shut and stop being a cry baby about everything that doesn’t work out your way, this may come to be the beginning of an attitude change long needed!

  3. Laura

    Not to say you do this Adam but it does really do my head in that the media press their subjects for ‘sensational’ quotes and then crucify them for having said them. I’m rather sad that an interesting outspoken character like Lewis now feels he has to give the same noncommital boring rubbish that most of the other drivers give. Why can’t we have interesting reporting of interestig people without all the bollocks? Oh, that’s why I’m here, right? 😀

  4. It’s a shame when modern sportsman feel that they have noting to gain by speaking the truth. Fact is he was blocked and that it is possible that MSC would have been sanctioned according to MB who spoke to the driver on the stewards panel after the race. I mean Ross had to speak to him twice about this and he rarely speaks to the drivers during the race. Its a shame that the WDC is over so early. Not good for the sport at all and very different to the conclusion of the WDC in 07,08 and 2010. Pity.

  5. Lewis is so true about being passionate about racing and speaking out his mind. More I look at him more he comes out as graduate of JPM university of Racing. Albeit he has had better circumstances in F1 as compared to the Latino founder member.

    Can’t help but mention both of them have sweet tooth that shows as well 🙂

  6. Cole

    “We would love to be leading both championships, that’s what we’ve all worked for throughout the year, but that’s not the way it is, and we need to do a better job next year.”

    Good job by the soft drinks company…..

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