Felipe Massa: “He could have caused a big accident”

Felipe Massa was furious after the Singapore GP after once again his race was compromised by a clash with Lewis Hamilton.

Massa picked up a puncture in the incident, but was able to recover to ninth place.

The two had already had a territorial dispute on the track during qualifying. After the race he had a brief confrontation with the British driver, who was conducting a TV interview at the time.

“My thoughts are again, as I told you yesterday, he cannot use his mind, even in qualifying, so you can imagine in the race – again,” said Massa of the collision. “What he did, he could have caused a big accident. And he’s paying for that. That’s the problem, he doesn’t understand, even paying for a problem, you know. Anyway, the problem is that I was in the middle and I had a puncture in my tyre, so I paid a lot.”

Massa added that his strategy had not worked out for him.

“I was not even lucky with the safety car, because I stopped and put the supersoft at that moment to gain lap time, but then after five laps, six laps, the safety came and I had the wrong tyres to finish the race.

“So I was not very lucky as well with the strategy, and also again something happened with a guy who did it how many times with me this year, so many times. As I said it’s important that the FIA is looking and penalising him all the time he is going in the car because he cannot be thinking about it.”


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6 responses to “Felipe Massa: “He could have caused a big accident”

  1. jim

    Hamilton sez: Look out, here I come!!!


  2. Loti

    Felipe seems to be a bit of a Hamilton magnet at the moment, he is quite right to be upset. The incident in qualifying was just silly and Lewis needs to take on board that he is well beaten this year, not just by Sebastian but by his team mate too.
    On a slightly different subject, I understand from people who have been there that the Singapore Grand Prix is a terrific party. From where I am sitting, watching it on television, they may as well be racing between coloured walls around Tesco’s car park….. and why is it so long? Cut 10 to 15 laps off and it would still be tedious and a very bad advertisement for Formula One. Did I read that they were building another circuit outside the city?

  3. Jack Shaftoe

    “My thoughts are again, as I told you yesterday, he cannot use his mind…”

    I’m going to remember this, and use it whenever needed. Great line Felipe!

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