Paul McCartney to play at Abu Dhabi GP!

Macca captured in action by this blog a couple of years ago

Paul McCartney is to be the headline act at the Abu Dhabi GP, and will play on the Sunday night after the race.

It will be the former Beatle’s first ever appearance in the UAE.

It’s a massive coup for the organisers and without a doubt the biggest musical draw yet added to an F1 weekend, trumping the likes of Metallica’s upcoming appearance in India and The Who in Australia in 2009.

Others appearing will be Britney Spears (the 11th) and Incubus and The Cult (on the 12th).


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16 responses to “Paul McCartney to play at Abu Dhabi GP!

  1. Paul McCartney is most definitely a world class act but Britney is a low class act – her best days are well behind her !

  2. He doesn’t need to sell albums anymore, he’s written 20-30 songs that will live on long after any of us are around. He’s a legend. I rate him up there with Bach as one of the great composers of melody ever to have lived.

    This is great news for F1, a real scoop. Can’t wait for Martin Brundle to interview him on the grid.

  3. how many no 1’s have metallica had ?
    How many records have they sold ?

    McCartney has sold 2 billion
    They arent even good enough to be his support band

  4. stagno

    Want see all hit independent 30 hits

    Check this out jerk

    Send us a link to all the Metallica top ten hit singles and albums, lol

    • Some people don’t seem to like Paul McCartney, well if they don’t have any taste or understanding of musical history that’s fine, but if they want to put stupid insults on the internet they can do it elsewhere. Thanks for the positive responses from Stango and the rest of you who realise what a coup this is for F1… He remains one of the biggest live draws in the world, and he rations his appearances, so this is a major deal.

  5. Chris

    Paul McCartney AND F1 in one weekend!! And playing in Ferrari World from what I hear! Even my 20 year old blood vessels couldn’t take it, I’d be certain to have a stroke from the excitement! Surely there is no better way to end an F1 weekend than his show closer Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight/The End?

  6. stagno

    I wouldnt say he rations his appearences!! he has been touring for the last 3 years 2009 2010 2011 USA and UK check out his website
    Also his youtube channel

    2 billion record sales world wide, just to put things into perspective, Micheal jacksons world wide record sales were 500 million

    • He does ration his appearances relative to other big acts – he may be in action every year, but if you do the numbers he plays far fewer dates on each tour with bigger gaps in between.

    • Chris

      As a fan always wanting to see him it seems like he rations his appearances! I’m lucky enough to have seen him four times, two of them in Liverpool and once in front of an audience of only 1000. Boy does he put on some show! I assume all you lucky F1 journalists will be attending?

  7. I agree that it’s an amazing get!

    I just hope that the F1 Rocks brand appears at Melbourne next year rather than the local organisers putting together their own concert.

  8. ronmon

    Hooray for the oil sheikhdoms! Long live the kings!

  9. love f1, love macca, saw him in 2003 in liverpool he was AMAZING!!!!!!!

  10. Thumbs aloft for Macca.

    Off topic this, but, Adam, do you have any opinion on today’s reports of Kubica being declared fit for a comeback next year?

  11. tom baker

    You can have McCartney, I’ll take Jeff Beck.

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