Plans announced for F1 track in Mumbai

Plans have been announced for a race circuit in Mumbai which will “meet the highest level of Grand Prix standards.”

No site has been identified and the project is still at the planning stage, but it appears to be a serious effort by a consortium compromised of Capita Symonds, Populous and DIMTS (Delhi Integrated Multi Modal Transit System Ltd).

Capita Symonds and Populous have been involved in projects such as the 2012 Olympic Stadium, Wembley, and the rejuvenation of Silverstone.

Those behind the project make it clear that it will be of F1 standard but it remains to be seen if they have any chance of one day wresting the race away from Delhi. However they also say that they are working with the FIM so perhaps a two-wheeled event is a more likely short term target.

A statement today said: “Initially the consortium’s scope of work is to identify the potential location for the circuit and associated development in Mumbai and around the city. This will be followed by the development of a business case and plan that will assess market demand and the potential opportunities and risks for the sites. The team will prepare a Vision Plan, Commercial Feasibility Study, a detail Conceptual Masterplan, and a PPP Concession Contract to deliver the Mumbai F1 development.

“Comprehensive analysis and assessments will be undertaken considering long term financial, social and environmental viability. This viability will be achieved in part through the creation of a mixed use community comprising commercial, retail, leisure and residential properties that will be centred around the circuit complex providing a year round focus for the development. Issues such as accessibility, traffic management, sustainable transport links and infrastructure gap assessments will also be addressed.”

Jerry Muscroft of Capita Symonds said: “Our appointment reflects the consortium’s growing strength in masterplanning, transportation and design of some of the world’s leading motor racing circuits and regeneration projects.

“The consortium understands how large sporting projects can be ‘Urban Generators’ that enhance and encourage development. We will lead the way with sports master-planning and sports community generation, and appreciate how considered designs can create significant value to neighbouring areas and communities.

“We are committed to delivering the next generation of racing circuits, with great racing, over-taking, world class facilities and architecture; but above all the intention is to create a sustainable venue that will not need continuous financial support, and will facilitate investment and re-generation.”


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6 responses to “Plans announced for F1 track in Mumbai

  1. Proesterchen

    People like to crap on Tilke’s track designs (and rightfully so, in a number of cases), but the thought of another Populous track has me less than enthused after their changes will likely tarnish Silverstone for decades.

  2. bippy

    …empty grandstands and a whopping bill…that’s what will remain of the Delhi GP after 36 months (see Korea for evidence)…and to add Mumbai, what a waste of money and energy.

  3. Stone the crows

    Mumbai? Mumbai?? Next thing you know they’ll be having a race in New Jersey! Oh… wait…

  4. rad_g

    Race almost every day. F1 could be like Eastenders. At least Bernie would have loads of moneys…

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