New Jersey race has 10-year deal starting in 2013

Plans for an F1 race on the streets of New Jersey were formally announced today.

To be known as the Grand Prix of America, the race will be held on roads around Port Imperial in the towns of Weehawken and West New York.

The race will run for the first time in June 2013, and as with Austin, there is a 10-year-deal.

The 3.2 mile track, which features some interesting elevation changes, will be built by Hermann Tilke.

As revealed here in August, the man behind the race is TV executive and sometime sportscar racer Leo Hindery.

His father-in-law, legendary US promoter Humpy Wheeler, is also involved.

F1 sponsor UBS is among the companies to have a base in Weehawken.

Austin’s Tavo Hellmund has offered his support: “I want to extend my congratulations to Leo and his team, as I know how much work they have put into making this happen. When I walked the site a few years ago, the site’s potential was obvious. I am excited for the East Coast and feel Tuesday’s announcement is yet another acknowledgement of the viability, fan interest, economic benefits and prestige an F1 Grand Prix event brings to a region.

“New Jersey and Texas, nearly 2,000 miles apart, offer unique and very different fan experiences destined to not only raise the visibility of the sport in this country, but also increase the global attraction and US support of these world-class events. These two regions are going to be terrific backdrops for the world’s most advanced form of racing.”

For more background see my story of August 3:


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8 responses to “New Jersey race has 10-year deal starting in 2013

  1. Mick

    U.S. needs two races if F1 is going to be a success there, but the calendar is starting to get a bit crowded if the Russian race comes to fruition. Which races will we lose? or can Bernie come up with a deal to persuade the teams to stretch the calendar even more? Surely to do that something needs to be done to shorted race weekends.

  2. Albert

    Isn’t the Texas race called Grand Prix of the Americas? I would think with all the possible choices they could have come up with a less confusing title.

    Wait, I’ve got one: How about the US Grand Prix!

    • Steve C

      The track here in Austin is called The Circuit of the Americas and the race held here will be the United States Grand Prix

      • Albert

        Opps! Thanks Steve…Senior moment on my part. I bet you’ll be there.

      • kristian

        They should have called it Hillbrush. It makes a lot more sense since it’s hilly brushland plus the added benefit of not sounding pompous. I’m glad it’s here, that it was moved to the end of the calendar and that there’s a second race in the US now.

  3. jeremy

    This is such great news! Now I have 3 races in or near the states to attend. Geah!

  4. CTP

    it seems like quite a short lead time before the first race, no? i guess most of the “track” is already built, so it’s just pits/grandstands/logistics/marketing that need to be worked out?

  5. Stone the crows

    Which one do you think will get finished firs?

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