BBC confirms live race package for 2012

Silverstone, Monaco and the season finale in Brazil are among the 10 races set to be shown live in the UK on BBC1 next year.

The other races in the live package (which includes BBC HD) are China, Spain, Europe, Belgium, Singapore, Korea and Abu Dhabi. These races will be covered as this year, with qualifying live and practice sessions shown on the Red Button.

The remaining races will be shown live on Sky, with highlight packages of 90 or 120 minutes shown on BBC1.

Those falling into this category are the first two events in Australia and Malaysia, plus Canada, the US, Japan, Germany, Hungary, Italy, India and Bahrain.

Highlights of races with an early start in the Asia-Pacific region will be shown at 1400, while races with a normal European start time will be at 1730. For some reason the timing for Montreal and Austin have not been specified. There will also be 75 minute qualifying highlight programmes of these events.


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6 responses to “BBC confirms live race package for 2012

  1. Mick

    Eight weeks between live races on BBC in the summer, terrible news & bad negotiation by BBC. I hope the 90 mins highlight show is all race action & none of the nonsense that Jake, EJ & DC spout.

  2. tim

    The 8week gap is I am sure due in large part to a small event in east london next year.

  3. Andrew

    The Forum is staying for live races, so hopefully an equivalent red button show will be available for the rest and interviews will end up in there to make room for more on track action during the main show.

  4. Loti

    When we joked about the races the BBC would show live…… it was a joke! At least we get Spa but there are 5 or maybe 6 there which we television fans think are the worst, You know who you are!
    I shall miss the free practice as much for the gossip as anything else but looking on the bright side [?] We can at least look at the results and decide if we can be bothered to watch the highlights. The BBC need to take care not to turn them into a Mclaren love in, and yes, I have seen how they do a highlights show and no, it does not bother with any racing, just any crashes or incidents and what Mclaren or Sebastian did. It has been pretty hard to ignore the Red Bull this year!
    Sky has, however, got itself a bit stuck as it can’t do a deal with poor F1 fans [as Bernievision did] as the price is for Sky Sports fans of any sport. I think they must think we are such devoted fans we will pay up regardless, I think they are in for a surprise.
    Hey, ho, I keep thinking back to the good old days when there were only a couple of cameras and only a few races were televised, mind you, back then we could afford to go to Silverstone to see the racing live! No doubt we will muddle through watching the races on live timing, or maybe it’s time to say, enough.

  5. Martin

    It’s nice to see that the BBC have manged to include some of the most boring races on the calendar in the live coverage which include Spain, Europe, and Abu Dhabi (although the latter was better this year) also Singapore tends to be quite processional. And deny us the opportunity to see some usually good and some great GPs Canada, Japan, Germany, and Italy, also to miss the season openers and to miss the new US GP from NYC.

    If they had any brains or sense of what the public wanted they would have released the contract to C4 or ITV and we would have kept all the GPs on free to air. Ah well friends have the full sky package so it means I don’t need to rely on the BBC or fork out almost 400 pounds to watch the grand prixs.

  6. melonfarmer

    Not the most thrilling selection is it? At least 3 snooze-athons in there. Showing tennis on the red button (when it was on BBC2 at the same time) yesterday hardly inspires confidence for next year. Thank god for the internet.

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