Tonio Liuzzi shows his chalky helmet

Tonio Liuzzi has a helmet design that he can modify at will

After sitting out FP1 Tonio Liuzzi will take to the track in FP2 today wearing a unique ‘home made’ design on his helmet.

The Italian has had a helmet specially painted with a matt black material that serves as a blackboard. The basic lines of his usual helmet were painted in in white, and then he’s filled in the gaps with his own chalk design – one that he can modify between sessions.

It remains to be seen what will happen if it rains. Let’s just hope that it doesn’t all run down his visor…

The message on the back is 'Thanks Colin,' addressed to Mr Kolles


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3 responses to “Tonio Liuzzi shows his chalky helmet

  1. Thanks Colin seems like an odd message to include – maybe a goodbye message?

  2. Fantastic… Liuzzi is always ahead of the game, at least where helmet design is concerned.

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