Colin Kolles parts company with HRT

HRT has announced that it has parted company with team principal Colin Kolles, the man who rescued the former Campos Meta team when it nearly collapsed even before its first race.

The team has been planning to move its base from Germany to Spain, and Kolles had made it clear that he would be willing to step down if the circumstances were right.

A team statement said: “HRT F1 Team and Dr Colin Kolles have reached an agreement to end their co-operation and therefore the Team Principal will abandon his post on the 15th of December 2011.

“This is due to the new direction that the team has taken and the decision of the new management to move the team headquarters to Spain.

“HRT F1 Team would like to thank Dr Colin Kolles for his work and dedication throughout these past two years and wish him the best in his future projects.”

It remains to be seen what the future holds for the former dentist, but he must hold some sort of record having previously been team boss of Jordan, Midland/MF1, Spyker and Force India in addition to HRT…


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6 responses to “Colin Kolles parts company with HRT

  1. Reboot

    “Abandon his post” makes it sound like he’s going AWOL. Maybe they should get a new translator to go with the new principal 🙂

  2. Mick

    I’m increasingly feeling that a bet on HRT not making the grid for the 1st race of next season could be the surest money spinner of next season, particularly now they cannot test without passing the crash tests. They will show up for the 1st race, run (perhaps) in practice & not make 107%.

  3. Nicko

    It’s easy to be pessimistic about HRT with change being the only constant there.
    On the other hand they have been slowly making progress, frequently faster than the Marussia Virgins, well within 107%, getting gearbox and KERS from Williams.
    My guess is that Kolles had the 2012 preparations in good shape. It’ll need a firm experienced hand to keep the momentum and to guide them through their relocation to Spain. Let’s see who takes his place.

  4. Christopher Foxon

    You have to say this is a huge blow for HRT. Colin Kolles may not be the most popular figure in the F1 paddock, but he is the main reason HRT have survived up until now. Many in the F1 community did not even expect the team to be racing in 2010, then it was speculated they would not last the season, then they were expected not to race in 2011 but Kolles has kept the team alive and they are more than a match for Virgin Racing. You do have to question the decision to base HRT in Spain rather than F1’s motorsport hub in the UK? Adrian Campos originally tried to base the team in Spain and it did not work out then until Kolles was brought on board.

  5. Peter

    Wonder if Pedro’s been in touch with Martin yet seeking a way back?

  6. co

    maybe its Pedro`s fault…
    he seems to be cursed when getting close to race something, doesn´t he?

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