Sebastian Vettel: “I wasn’t happy at all in the car…”

Sebastian Vettel admits he had a messy first day of the season in Australia, although he was happier with the car by the end of the second session.

While everyone had to adjust their programmes to deal with the rain that affected both sessions, Vettel conceded that RBR was up against it as he wasn’t comfortable with the RB8 initially.

“This morning it wasn’t very good, I wasn’t happy at all in the car,” said Vettel. “This afternoon I think it was a bit better. Obviously with the conditions it was difficult to get a lot of running. It was more or less the same for all of us, but with the little time we had in the afternoon it was quite OK.

“It’s up to us to find the balance and understand the car a little bit more and learn a little bit more about the car in these conditions on this circuit, and hopefully go a lot quicker tomorrow.

“Tomorrow the target is to make it into Q3, and then we go from there.”

Vettel admitted it will be hard to catch up on the lost running in the one hour FP3 session on Saturday.

“You can’t re-invent the wheel, even though you had a messy Friday due to conditions it doesn’t mean that on Saturday you just run the whole hour, you don’t have enough tyres for that, and obviously it’s about preparing for qualifying mostly.

“You can’t do everything in one hour, so as I said the most important thing now is to make a step overnight, learn a bit more about the car – the laps in the end were important to understand a bit more – and then we go from there.”

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