Fernando Alonso: “It was a tricky race”

As might have been expected Fernando Alonso lost his World Championship lead in Shanghai after finishing only ninth- although at one stage he looked set to come away with a useful helping of points.

After starting in the same position Alonso made some good progress and spent part of the race in fourth place pushing Lewis Hamilton. However his relatively late last stop didn’t pay off and he tumbled down the order as the final stages of the race unfolded.

“It was not great, obviously we didn’t gain any positions,” said the Spaniard. “In Malaysia we said the strategy was perfect, was good, and today we have to be honest with ourselves knowing that it was not good. We didn’t make any single clear lap, we were always behind people and we finished behind Williams, so something went wrong for sure. So we need to analyse and improve for next time.”

Alonso said the team had expected more people to hit the ‘cliff’ with their tyres in the same way as Kimi Raikkonen, which would have allowed him to take more advantage of his fresher rubber.

“It was busy, and also with the top speed we have at the moment it was not possible to overtake anyone on the straights, so we had to risk in some strange positions, and sometimes you go off the track. It was a tricky race.”

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One response to “Fernando Alonso: “It was a tricky race”


    Fernando is becoming a ninja in the art of understating fact! It will be a tricky race at every race in a sh!t car! Ferrari are an absolute disgrace. To have started working on this car so early last season, and then to arrive at the first race this year almost 1 second off the pace says it all!! Either Pat Fry must come under immediate suspicion as to whether he is still working for McLaren as a chief sabateur inside Ferrari, which would go a long way to explaining why the F2012 is such a sh!theap, or they need to make a B spec as fast as is possible to have any chance at either championship this year. I would hate to think Pat Fry was anything less than a conscientious genius, but from what I see at present I am having trouble believing my eyes. Flashio needs to be brought on board in some sort of consultancy role, with Pat Symonds in the same capacity. Ferrari pit stops this year have been perfect, the only thing to write home about really! #: )

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