Fernando Alonso: “I don’t expect rain for tomorrow…”

Fernando Alonso starts the Bahrain GP from ninth place on the grid, but with a free choice of soft or medium tyres for the grid after he didn’t do a flying lap in Q3.

The Spaniard had used up all his option tyres just to make it into the top 10 and saw no point in trying a proper run in the final session.

“We used three sets on Q1 and Q2,” he explained, “so we arrived with our hands empty in Q3, so we decided not to run, because you cannot put too many laps on the tyres for tomorrow’s race. And also now we have to think if we want to start with the medium or we want to start with the soft in tomorrow’s race. Let’s see, because I think the strategy will be the big factor tomorrow.”

Alonso says he just wants to get a solid finish and some useful points.

“I think tomorrow it’s going to be very difficult. We need some strange conditions, and here I don’t expect rain for tomorrow or things like that. We need to score points.

“We have to do a good race, we’re starting ninth, so I think the top six is possible. We just need to overtake two or three cars, that can be possible if we do a good strategy and a good race pace. Let’s focus on that, top six, top seven tomorrow, and score good points.”

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