Lewis Hamilton: “It was the best I could do…”

Lewis Hamilton put his qualifying frustrations behind him with a charging drive in Spain, one that saw him the only driver to make it to the flag on two pit stops. He finished the race with a marathon 31-lap third stint.

Although he had obviously targeted a better result, Hamilton said he enjoyed the afternoon. The fact that key title rivals like Sebastian Vettel, Mark Webber and Jenson Button didn’t score big points – Lewis finished ahead of his team mate – probably also helped.

“I’m quite happy with that, the team did a great job, and it was the best I could do,” said Hamilton. “It was an incredibly tough challenge. They said I was going to be the only one to do a two-stop strategy. I didn’t know where I was when I was making my way through at the beginning.

“It’s always fun to challenge and overtake people, and it was a huge challenge coming from the back. I didn’t know what position I could finish in for one second, but I never gave up, right until the line. And that’s what racing is all about. Today was damage limitation, and to get a couple of points from where I was, I really can’t complain.”

Asked whether he’d proved a point, Lewis said: “I don’t know if I had anything to prove, I think I’ve done that many times in my career. But I think today was just maybe a reassurance for some people. For me I really enjoyed it. The team did a good job with the pit stops, it was a much bigger improvement compared to the last race, although we did have one small problem. Fortunately it didn’t cause us any problems.”

Lewis said the result was a boost for the team after some recent frustrations.

“They’ve been working very hard and they deserve better. When things go right I think we’ll be in a great position, and it will come to us I think at some stage.”

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