Lewis Hamilton: “My future is not important”

Lewis Hamilton says he is in no hurry to sort out his contractual situation for next year, and insists that he is focussing on winning this year’s title.

Hamilton is out of contract at the end of 2012 and after a few problems in the McLaren camp inevitably his name has been linked with other teams.

“I haven’t even discussed it,” said Hamilton in Montreal. “I think it’s just because I underestimated how difficult the season was going to be, I underestimated about how busy I’d be, and I also realise how unimportant it is at the moment. The championship’s more important than what I plan to do with my next contract.

“My future at the moment is not important. I might not even see next year! So, you know, what’s the point? I have to make sure I maximise and capitalise on this year.”

Asked whether he might even wait until the end of the season, he said: “Possibly.”

Pressed on whether he had other options, he added: “I’m not looking at anyone else, as I said I’m just trying to focus in this season, just trying to focus on winning. I have other people to worry about those things. When the time comes they sit down and say, ‘What do you want to do?’ And I can give them an answer. But I don’t have to do it at the moment.

“I think I could sit down if I wanted to, but I’ve got a job, and I am in no rush, I really am in no rush at all, so there’s no need to do it.”


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5 responses to “Lewis Hamilton: “My future is not important”

  1. He’s pushing the envelope, optimizing and maximizing the package. Sounds a bit morbid, though; he’s probably changed his musical preferences – from Red&Bull/Hlip-hlop to grunge… Next thing you know LH will be smashing things, smashing pumpkins?

    • thejudge13

      Lewis is on happy juice this year. A MArked difference from the Lewis of 2011 – petulant, whinging and childish.

      With regards to his musical penchant, I think part of the solution is that Ron Dennis has insisted the team fit a Bang and Oulfson system to Lewis car – and the loop a Madness track whenever Lewis is sat in the cockpit – “I like driving in my car…..”.

      This has resulted in Lewis saying in every single interview (except following Spain quali) “I’m happy”………WE HERE YOU LEWIS, YOU’RE HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • The main question is whether LH will keep saying ‘Thanks to Vodafone’ or have a sip of Red Bull next year after getting out of the car… And who knows, maybe he’ll even discover such classics as “Drive my Car”.

        Unrelated, but by ze vei, I’ve heard Vodafoners plan to cut their involvement with motor racing in Australia, V8 Supercars. Could it be the change of strategy in terms of marketing? McLaren is next? A question to our lovely host. Thanks, danke, merci.

  2. How many top drivers don’t have a contact at the end of the season and end up staying with the same team? Not many in my experience. So the latter part of the season will be interesting.

    I don’t expect Lewis to stay with McLaren, which is a massive risk. Ferrari and McLaren are the only two reasonably consistent teams in the last 15 years or so. To jump to Red Bull would be a huge gamble, as he’d have to beat Seb, which I suspect might be far harder than trying to beat Jenson. Mercedes would be a more natural fit, but what we’ve seen since their return to F1 is that their cars are rarely as competitive as the McLaren.

    Maybe Lewis is playing hardball for more cash, but if he’s trying to get himself in a better car I think he’ll get a shock if he jumps into a Red Bull / Ferrari / Mercedes. The grass is always greener…

  3. Nicko

    There’s no reason Lewis should ink any contract now. What has he to gain? Pause this speculation till the summer break at the very least.

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