Luca di Montezemolo on F1 costs: “Drastic intervention is required…”

Ferrari President Luca di Montezemolo has made clear his support of controlling F1 costs as discussions about the new Concorde Agreement and the future of the sport continue in the background.

Di Montezemolo used his company’s website to send out a clear message, while also expressing support for the FIA.

“The world economic situation and that of Europe in particular, is very serious and the world of Formula 1 cannot ignore the fact,” he was quoted as saying. “We cannot lose any more time – we need to tackle urgently and with determination the question of costs. Ferrari is in agreement with the FIA’s position that drastic intervention is required. We are absolutely convinced that, as I have always said, the teams and the commercial rights holder must work together with the Federation on this front.

“This is no longer the moment for getting bogged down in sterile discussions or the meanderings of engineers, usually only concerned in defending the interests of someone or other. The question has to be tackled at the highest level, without further delay.”

Meanwhile Di Montezemolo said he had no complaints about Ferrari’s failed strategy in Canada, seeing positives in the fact that the team was in contention for a win until the closing stages of the race.

“I am not used to dealing with regrets as I prefer to always look forwards. In Montreal, I saw a team with a great will to win and that was seen right to the very end, maybe even taking some risks that might have been excessive.

“To see a Ferrari fighting for the win right to the end is just what I want to see and so do our fans. I am pleased with the progress seen over these past few races, but my thoughts and all the efforts of the Scuderia are already focussed on Valencia and then Silverstone, where we must make further steps forward. We must continue down this road, aware, as I am keen to repeat one more time, that success in this championship depends only on ourselves.”


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6 responses to “Luca di Montezemolo on F1 costs: “Drastic intervention is required…”

  1. Mick

    Next thing you know, they’ll be asking Max Mosley to come up with some budget proposals!

  2. CTP

    you know luca, the teams had a chance to work together. really work together. it was called fota.

  3. Knowing St. Luca, it’s some kind of game he’s playing… But I do believe they need to bring costs down in F1, that should be tackled, for sure, you know. Even good old Flav acknowledged it.

    With FOTA, even in the early stages, there was always the risk of stillbirth, it was sort of brought to life but has remained brain-dead. Fan forums? Waste of time, sorry. Nothing happens after these forums, they just go bla-bla-bla and that’s it. A good chance to get closer to your fav driver maybe, but nothing more.

    It’s possible to do more with less money, budgets are still crazy. And please do something about ticket prices, it’s pathetic. I spent 20€ for the entire MotoGP weekend in Estoril and the teams/FOM expect me to throw away like a 1,000€ on Valencia or Barcelona? Grow up, ye CVC-istas.

  4. Mick

    After reading other stories today I now see that this is all about another attempt to kill off the 2014 engine changes.

  5. Loti

    There seems to me to be two different budgets. One for the basic car, one for the added goodies. I have no problem with how much a team pays it’s drivers/engineers/designers. Let them have what ever they want in the way of motor homes and yachts. if you have a successful team you will have sponsors who expect a bit of flash. But the basic car and dragging them round the world [all long haul flights] should be paid for by the commercial rights holder. That way, the minnows can still go racing even if they are drinking weak tea out of paper cups and eating spam sandwiches {Ah! the good old days}
    Policing the budget is the problem so the chances of the cars becoming more and more ‘spec’ is the other. If you standardise parts like the brakes, kers, gearbox, what ever, it is going to leave no wriggle room for the designers to do clever things.
    Is this letter from L di M not in reply Mr E saying they should scrap the motor homes if they want to save money. The Concorde Agreement is hotting up behind the scenes.
    And, Sorry, this will have no effect on the price of a ticket to a Grand Prix. The track owners have got to try and make at least a little of the huge outlay back, and unfortunately it’s the poor old fan who suffer once again.

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