Fernando Alonso: “The weekend in general has been fantastic for us”

Fernando Alonso says he has no regrets about the strategy Ferrari employed at Silverstone, despite losing the lead to Mark Webber in the closing laps and having to settle for second.

Alonso started on the hard tyre and saved the soft for the final stint, while most of his immediate rivals did the opposite.

“You have to put for the first 14 or 15 laps the soft tyres or in the last 14 or 15, so it was a similar timed race at the end over 52 laps,” said Alonso. “So I was not worried. Probably the start was the biggest worry because with the hard compound you know the start is a little bit worse.

“We tried to defend the position there. After that we were controlling the race more or less OK until the last stint, we were now quick enough and when Mark arrived I think he overtook very easy, and there was nothing we can do. I’m happy with the second place.

“Now obviously, 10 minutes after the race there is a strange feeling of losing victory. But it’s the same 18 points you get if you are third and you overtake the guy in second on the last lap and you are so happy, so it’s the same second place but different feelings in this ten minutes but I’m sure in one hour’s time I will appreciate it much more.”

Alonso was encouraged by the fact that the red car has been competitive at very different tracks recently.

“It was good in Valencia, the car, and here on a completely different track with a lot of high-speed corners the car seemed to perform very well. Also, a fantastic race from Felipe, finishing fourth, so I’m happy with the improvements in the car. I think still there is a last step to close with [Red Bull], maybe they are a little bit quicker in some conditions on some circuits, so we need to improve those.”

Alonso added that despite losing seven points to Webber, overall it had been a positive weekend for his title challenge.

“I think at the moment, as far as I’m leading, I’m more happy than worried. If Mark was leading the championship, I would be worried about losing another seven points, but at the moment, the weekend in general has been fantastic for us, because we left Valencia with maybe an emotional win, a lot of points in our pocket, compared to our rivals in the championship and we arrived at Silverstone, a completely different circuit, we didn’t know how the car was performing here.

“We had a very difficult qualifying for everybody yesterday and we survived that qualifying with pole position and today we also had a tricky race. We didn’t know what the weather was doing and I think the car performed well, we avoided any contact, any accidents that might happen at the start or in some battles.

“We are again bringing home more points than we probably expected, because when we arrived on Thursday, if someone had told us that we would leave on Sunday with 18 points again, I think we would have been very happy.”

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One response to “Fernando Alonso: “The weekend in general has been fantastic for us”

  1. Mick

    I used to find it hard to like Alonso, but there is no doubt in my mind that he is currently the best F1 driver and leading the championship more by his own efforts rather than having the best car. I’m backing him for the title.

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