Nico Rosberg: “Lewis didn’t let me by although he was ordered to do so, and that’s obviously not good…”

Nico Rosberg made his disappointment clear after finishing fourth in the Hungarian GP, but in the immediate aftermath of the race he was keen to avoid saying anything about the team order controversy.

“We have to discuss that internally, it would not make sense to speak about that now,” he said. “I don’t want to speak theoretically about that situation or what if, it’s better to discuss that in the team, such situations, I hope you understand.”

Later in his regular video message he added: “Lewis didn’t let me by although he was ordered to do so, and that’s obviously not good, and we need to discuss that internally.”

It was clear that he was frustrated by not being able to pass Lewis Hamilton on the last lap.

“I didn’t see anybody for a while, then I caught him on the last two laps, unfortunately not enough to get by. That’s the most annoying thing now, the last lap. I had the chance, but I wasn’t able to use it. Of course it was very difficult, so that was a pity. Other than that, a very up and down race. It was always going to be difficult in those conditions. There were some things that went against me today, I’m not complaining, but that was the case, especially the safety car and things like that, the strategy also wasn’t the best.

“At the moment I’m still very annoyed, because I’m still on the last lap at the moment. It will take some time and then I’ll be OK for the holiday.

“It was a very difficult race today. Some things went against me, I don’t complain, that’s very normal, that happens, and I just didn’t quite make it happen today, together with my team. It’s a team effort and we’ve just got to do better next time. But still ahead in the championship, that’s important. Got some time now to rethink everything and then full attack again for the next races.”


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8 responses to “Nico Rosberg: “Lewis didn’t let me by although he was ordered to do so, and that’s obviously not good…”

  1. Steve C

    Nico is a good driver, no doubt, but he’s coming off all this as a ‘crybaby’. He wasn’t close enough for Lewis to let him by and Lewis was correct when saying so.

  2. NDC

    Lewis was entirely within his rights to stay ahead of Nico: they were racing. And to lay the blame for a team error on Lewis’s is just wrong.

  3. Russ

    So much for the “we will let them race” crap.German driver german team.

  4. You want to hear German TV commentary, Russ. Apparently it’s ‘unsporting’ not to let your team-mate past.
    Hamilton spent laps stuck behind Vettel, attempting to overtake and couldn’t pass. Rosberg never looked anywhere near having a go at overtaking, suggesting he expected Hamilton to stop for a couple of seconds on the straight to let him pass. Hamilton had his own race to run (and compromise).
    There was also the other situation where Alonso straightlined a chicane and, in doing so, gained a few car lengths rather than losing out for a minor mistake. OK, so there was no change of position involved, but it took Lewis a couple of laps to make up the time instead of being in a position to attempt a pass. Pointing this out on the radio was ‘whinging’ that co-commentator (Christian Danner) is suddenly sick of hearing.
    Everything is fine when you’re a German or in a red car, but woe betide you if you’re a Brit or in a McLaren.

  5. Quit whining Nico…the race was against Riccardo and Lewis needed to focus on that. That’s racing dude!

  6. GeorgeK

    Someone cal the Wahmbulance, Nico’s fallen out of his pram and hit his head!

  7. Tony Geran

    Is this the son of Keke Rosberg talking? Keke, it’s time to take him out to the wood shed.

  8. Peter

    At least you know the only thing Keke would have complained about was that either he couldn’t smoke a cigarette while racing, or that Mansell was blocking him early in the race (Dallas 1984).

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