Red Bull engine mapping under investigation by FIA

Red Bull is under investigation by the FIA this morning after technical delegate Jo Bauer reported that he found an engine mapping irregularity.

Rivals confirm that the matter clearly relates to off throttle blowing of the diffuser, which is not permitted this year.

A technical report from Bauer said: “Having examined the engine base torque map of car numbers 01 and 02 it became apparent that the maximum torque output of both engines is significantly less in the mid rpm range than previously seen for these engines at other events.

“In my opinion this is therefore in breach of Article 5.5.3 of the 2012 F1 Technical Regulations as the engines are able to deliver more torque at a given engine speed in the mid rpm range.

“Furthermore this new torque map will artificially alter the aerodynamic characteristics of both cars which is also in contravention on TD 036-11.”

The stewards are now considering the matter, who  have the power to cancel the qualifying times of both drivers.

When this writer and a colleague told a surprised Horner of the FIA bulletin he said: “I’m not aware of any irregularities, and the result was declared after qualifying.”


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6 responses to “Red Bull engine mapping under investigation by FIA

  1. what are the chances anything will be done before the start of the race? Little I think.

  2. melonfarmer

    Doesn’t the standard ECU regulate the torque maps? How long has this been going on? Is this Red Bull’s “option 13”?

    • What bothers me most is the lack of information from FIA, again.

      The tech delegate finds something strange, but the stewards don’t think so? Please, publish the details – there are software and engine nerds watching Formula 1.
      What exactly is the problem and how long Red Bull have been using / exploiting it?

  3. Yummy. Shame we won’t get the full picture here since the truth won’t be published in the official press. Looks like Ferrari need some help (again) with their title bid – Ferrari International Assistance to the rescue?

    Obviously it’s a matter of personal driver/team preferences; still think Mercedes’ double DRS duck is illegal. Can see why many companies left the sport – the effort is huge and then some grey-haired masonic dude comes up and starts getting on your nerves with HIS interpretation of things: “Rule 66.69.666 states that a driver can’t break wind in the car because it enhances the aerodynamic effect of the vehicle”. Pathetic, pathetic, pathetic.

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