Felipe Massa: “I’m just concentrating for the next race”

Massa had another frustrating day in Germany. Photo: AC

Felipe Massa’s difficult season continued in Germany when he qualified only 14th in the wet and then lost his front wing after running into the back of Daniel Ricciardo before the first corner.

The subsequent pit stop dropped him almost to the back – ahead of only fellow delayed stragglers Grosjean, Senna and Hamilton – although he eventually climbed back to 12th place.

Although that was a respectable recovery job he was 38s behind winner and team mate Alonso immediately after his wing change, and some 71s behind at the flag. While clearly Alonso was going flat out in his quest to win the race, that time loss was not insignificant.

Massa has scored only 23 points in 2012, over half of them coming from his fourth place in Silverstone, compared to the 154 of Alonso.

“It was a very disappointing race for the start,” said Massa. “I did a good start and then there was a Toro Rosso on front and suddenly he just braked – not braked but he slowed down in front of me. It was not normal, but maybe there was a car in front, or I don’t know.

“I went left, but there was not enough time, and I just touched my front wing on his left rear wheel. It destroyed completely my race, because I did a very slow lap, and then I stopped, changing the front wing it takes also a lot of time.”

Despite his frustrations, the Brazilian said he was pleased with the overall pace during the weekend.

“I think it was good, I think the car was competitive, so lap times the pace was good and consistent.

“I think we’re doing a good direction in terms of the step with the car, and I think that’s very positive. I’m very happy for Fernando, who won again, and I’m just concentrating for the next race.”


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7 responses to “Felipe Massa: “I’m just concentrating for the next race”

  1. Cabby

    On question sprung to my mind seeing the pic – How much does a front wing cost?

    • jabooka

      Hm…$30,000…$40,000…hm…I would say better survive first lap, drop couple of places down and fight to the front in better car that most of the field than be to aggressive and destroy every chance to get any points.

  2. Peter

    “I’m just concentrating for the next race cause it’s likely to be my last”.
    You didn’t report in full Adam. 😉

  3. Nick W

    A shadow of the driver that that put in one of the best drives I ever saw – 2008 championship finale at Interlagos. That drive alone deserved the title in my opinion. Didn’t put a foot wrong all weekend – pole; then a storming race. Since then it’s been a catastrophic decline. Ok maybe you can partially blame the accident but then, look at Mika Hakkinen in Adelaide all those years ago; back from the brink of death then a glorious career with two world titles. Sorry Massa; I’d like you to prove me wrong but your best days are behind you.

  4. Mark

    “38s behind winner and team mate Alonso immediately after his wing change, and some 71s” ….. did you account for the additional 1 more pit stop he had to make? I dont think so.

    • Did you read the story? I don’t think so… I said after the wing change. He made 2 more stops, Alonso madde 2 more stops…

      • Nick W

        Think he needs a change of team and quick. His days in a top flight team are, I fear, behind him. Think, with his experience, he might be able to do a reasonable job in a mid-range team but not for Ferrari. The clock doesn’t lie. Maybe if his teammate at Ferrari was, say, Charles Pic, he’d be OK! However, he’s not and he’s got one of the all time greats for a team mate at the moment. Alonso is immense and is the Scuderia’s biggest asset; carrying the team forward like Superman. Irrespective of who wins the title this season, Alonso has done enough to deserve it with his performances so far this season. The guy’s absolute magic; a class act if ever there was one.

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