Button “disappointed” by Hamilton telemetry Tweet

Jenson Button admits he was disappointed by Lewis Hamilton’s now infamous Tweet of sensitive telemetry data just prior to the Belgian GP.

The team asked Hamilton to delete it, but not before the image had been widely circulated around the internet.

“We work so hard to improve the car and keep things like that secret and private,” Button told The Guardian. “I didn’t want to see it on Twitter. It was the whole telemetry from qualifying. It wasn’t just the rear wing. I was very surprised and disappointed.

“The bit about the time on the straights isn’t the bit that’s important to me. He should be gaining it back in the corners because he’s got more downforce on anyway. And I was eight tenths quicker in qualifying anyway.

“I think it’s done now. I don’t think it’s for me to be angry with Lewis. It’s not a personal thing.”

After Sunday’s race team boss Martin Whitmarsh confirmed that Lewis had been told to delete the Tweet but insisted that earlier deletions were the decision of the driver.

“I think the Tweets earlier in the weekend he took down of his own volition,” said Whitmarsh. “No one spoke to him about it. This morning I think he made an error of judgement and we asked him to take that one down, and he did. I think he realises that. I don’t think that’s had an impact on his weekend.”


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9 responses to “Button “disappointed” by Hamilton telemetry Tweet

  1. gearsau

    Hamilton..Just a total error of judgement!!
    When will this guy ever grow up?

  2. Lewis’ tweets this weekend were interesting, they felt like the guy was let off the corperate leash, which is a dangerous thing for a professional sports person. Given that I’m wondering if his future was decided pre-Spa and it’s not with McLaren, hence he doesn’t really care about what they think? A drive at Mercedes may make sense given Bernie’s comments about Michael not winning in his second F1 career?

    Of course that may just be co-incidence, but then again this is F1, and anything is possible !

  3. I’d say the image is still widely circulating around WWW and very likely around every F1 engineers’ meeting room…

    Anyway, what can stop McLaren from hiring a solid N2 at a relatively low price and then throw all its efforts behind JB in 2013? Repeat the 1986 approach with Prost and Rosberg.

  4. Steve C

    Oh Button, he’s win a race and now thinks he’s the team leader. Quit your b!tching and keep driving and maybe you’ll get back in this…

  5. gearsau

    Maybe it was : …. ” A Momentary Lapse of Reason “

  6. Peter

    Perhaps he lacks spacial awareness same as Grosjean.

  7. Hamilton needs to grow up! he always seems so moody, Big Baby!!

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