“No further action” as Rosberg escapes any penalty

Nico Rosberg will keep his Monaco GP pole position after the stewards decided to take no further action against the German after his incident at Mirabeau.

The stewards decided that “no offence was committed by the driver of car number 6,” and by way of explanation said that they had examined video and telemetry, and could find no evidence of any offence.

While the Mercedes team can breathe a sigh of a relief there is no question that the affair has ramped up tension between the two drivers. Meanwhile we could have an interesting race tomorrow…


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4 responses to ““No further action” as Rosberg escapes any penalty

  1. Mick

    I can’t believe how rattled Lewis is by his team mate. His remarks this afternoon when asked by BBC if Rosberg had acted deliberately & how he would react to it reminded me a bit of his ill judged ‘maybe it’s because I’m black’ comment 3 years ago. Coupled with how agitated he was during the last race, even though he was in the lead, makes me think that he could crumble if he loses his winning momentum for a while.

  2. Brian

    I think it’s really a chuckle that after two weeks of Hamilton playing mind games with Nico, he’s now so easily put off course by this. I suspect THAT is why Nico had such a smile on his face after qualifying – Hamilton’s face and demeanor.

    *IF* Rosberg pulled a 2006 MS act then he sure did a better job of it than MS did.


    • Jack

      There is no doubt that Rosberg did that act in purpose. He is such a cheater and disrespectful to others by only thinking his financial intrests. Rosberg deserved same punishment as MS did. German drivers are cheating when they win, they cannot do it purely se MS and Nico and remember who teached Nico all his dirty trick in jeined Merc time, yes it was MS. The way he celebrated pole showed he did it in purpose. Deliberate action to ruin others wuick lap should mean straight competition ban for two or more raceses.

  3. Mick

    Maybe Nico was alittle more hungry than Hamilton. Dont forget Lewis, everything happens for a reason.

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