Fernando Alonso: “We need to find something extra for tomorrow”

Ferrari has something of a history of being fast on Friday at the Italian GP, so it was perhaps no surprise when Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa finished the afternoon session in third and fourth places – just behind the two McLarens.

However it was not a perfect day for the team, as Alonso suffered an engine problem in FP1 and a gearbox issue in the afternoon. Both were well used units reserved for Friday use, and there will be no gearbox grid penalty.

The Spaniard said the failures were not a handicap.

“It’s just a little bit of a strange Friday because of mechanical failures,” he said. “Sometimes we push some parts to the limit or have some experimental things on Friday that you need to get some mileage, some experience. I think it’s not any problem at all.

“What we need to concentrate on is the performance for tomorrow. I think McLaren looked very strong again today, so we need to find something extra for tomorrow, and then we’ll see. I think it will be an interesting weekend. The weather should be stable all weekend so that should help us to be very precise and maximise the performance of the car.”

Alonso said that the team learned a lot today after having so few dry Fridays recently.

“I think they were good sessions. Obviously it’s extremely important for example today what we learned from Felipe, when you have a session that you have to stop for any reason you have to trust your team mate and all the information from the other car, so thanks to Felipe today we will not miss any of the laps that we were not able to do.

“We need to improve the car, as I said. I think we are more or less happy with the performance. We don’t need to change the car black to white for tomorrow, which some Fridays we need to do, because we were not happy at all. It’s just small tweaks that we need to do for tomorrow. It was a positive Friday in terms of performance.”

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