Fernando Alonso: “We lost the most easy pole position of the year…”

Fernando Alonso says he would have had an easy pole position had he not hit a technical glitch in Q3 at Monza.

The Ferrari driver was fastest in both Q1 and Q2 but suffered an anti-roll bar failure when it mattered in Q3. The car was still driveable but clearly lost speed, and he was left stranded in 10th place.

“Something was broken on the car in Q3,” said Alonso. “I think we lost the most easy pole position of the year because we did 1m24.1s with an easy lap, and Lewis did 24.0s. We were expecting 23.5s or something like that. So we lost the best opportunity for pole, but that’s the way it is.

“For tomorrow the car will be OK, but for sure starting 10th will be more difficult. We know the problem, and we went out just to check if we could overtake one or two positions, maybe P8 or P9 or something like that, but it was not enough, and we lost too much performance. We’ll see tomorrow.”

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