FIA plans a minute’s applause for Sid Watkins on Singapore grid

The late Professor Sid Watkins will be honoured by a minute’s applause on the grid prior to the start of the Singapore GP, the FIA has announced.

There will also be a book of remembrance in the paddock in which members of the F1 community are invited to write messages. The book will be presented to Sid’s family.

The book will stand alongside a bronze bust of Watkins, which was commissioned last year when he retired from the Presidency of the FIA institute.

Meanwhile the FIA and the FIA Institute say that they “will continue to consider the most appropriate permanent tribute to Professor Watkins, in recognition of his achievements and his unique legacy for motor sport. An announcement on this lasting tribute will be made in due course.”


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5 responses to “FIA plans a minute’s applause for Sid Watkins on Singapore grid

  1. Rhod Evans

    If anyone in Formula 1 deserves this. It is definitly him. You can’t imagine modern Formula 1 without thinking of what he has done to mould it into what it is today. As many have said, at least he can now go fishing with Ayrton!

  2. bem

    When I was younger I used to watch both F1 and Indy, and people like Professor Watkins and FIA’s commitment to safety made my respect grow for F1 with every race I watched… I hope they name a few famous corners after him.

  3. Ribbit

    What happened to the applause then? The silence was a bit miserable, not a very fitting way to celebrate him.

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