Stefan GP confirms 2011 entry bid – and plans to build F1 circuit!

"...and all I got was a lousy t-shirt"

Stefan GP’s website has woken up after several weeks of inactivity and announced that the team is to bid for a 2011 entry slot.

Toyota made it clear some time ago that it would have nothing more to do with the project so it’s not clear yet what technical support the team will have.

Stefan has also announced the creation of the ‘Stefan Technology Park,’ where the team will be based. The facility will include a race circuit that supposedly will be of F1 standard, although its proposed 3.5km length makes that sound a little ambitious.

Stefan have bizarrely also added pictures of 12 drivers it talked to about possible seats for 2010, and while most names were in the public domian, others probably won’t be very happy to have been unmasked in this way.

The team’s statement reads as follows: “AMCO Corporation and its owner Zoran Stefanovic have today signed an agreement with the Mayor of Stara Pazova, located 25km from Belgrade, Serbia, to build the STEFAN TECHNOLOGY PARK . This will include a racing circuit suitable for the competition of Formula One, and a technical complex that will serve as STEFAN GRAND PRIX’s team headquarters upon completion in two years time.

“’I think this is an excellent development for our team, Stara Pazova city, region and country,’ Mr Stefanovic said today. ‘This is proof that we want to put ourselves on the map as a serious hi-tech company, and that we are serious about competing in Formula One for the long term.’

“’Bearing in mind that we will soon be on a par with top teams, in terms of facilities and organisation, as Stefan Technology Park looking to be compared with them, we expect many positive improvements in the future,’ concluded Stefanovic.

StefanGP would also like to officially announce our bid for the FIA 2011 Formula One World Championship.”

Elsewhere on his website, Stefanovic quotes Sir Winston Churchill as an inspiration:  “A great man by the name of Sir Winston Churchill once said something that I try to implant into the minds of the people in my team. It’s something along the lines of: NEVER, NEVER, NEVER GIVE UP! In the last almost 12 months you were all witnesses of the fact that I strongly stand behind my beliefs.

“I still believe that F1 would be a much more interesting competition with SGP, and my team and I feel like the battle is just starting. We want to be a part of F1 for both the long and short term future, and I hope that we will finally have the success we deserve.

“This quality is shared by every person who has changed the world. NEVER, NEVER, NEVER GIVE UP! Thank you for supporting us, and I hope to see you at GP soon! Best Regards, Zoran Stefanovic”

We await developments with baited breath…


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19 responses to “Stefan GP confirms 2011 entry bid – and plans to build F1 circuit!

  1. theses people are completely nuts.

    i love them to pieces.

  2. melonfarmer

    I love the way they’ve left the 3 blokes in an empty office picture up. BTW if you click on the picture, is that the McLaren ‘victory’ orange t-shirt group photo shot they’ve hacked? Great too that you can buy merchandise too for a team that doesn’t exist – they’re going to have to sell a lot of mugs… these guys make Andrea Moda (the shoe salesman) look like champs.

    Anyway, this has brightened a bit of a grim week at this end too. Good luck to Adam for getting back.

  3. jonas

    I agree with Mr C.

  4. nick

    It looks like they even added drivers with whom they’ve shared a casual conversation with.

    If you click on the drivers picture, it has a small blurb SGP’s relation to the driver. Except for the first 4, they all say “…was an option for SGP.”

  5. moose

    he makes USF1 sounds humble. Get an entry first then start saying that you want to built your home. don’t compare to the top teams yet as it makes you sounds like a fool that got lots of money and dreams a little to much.

    dreaming is good. but it must followed by realistic target to be archive………

  6. F1 Kitteh

    There must be immense interest cause the website crashed ! If nothing else his marketing skills are tops.

    I’m dying to know who the drivers are!!!

  7. we really have to admire them, but also USF1 told they were about to build a Technology Centre in Spain… and they failed :-S

  8. Leigh O'Gorman

    “…I still believe that F1 would be a much more interesting competition with SGP…”

    Oh yes, it would be interesting – however many medical problems are also interesting, but I don’t necessarily want them.

  9. FletcherB

    Ha ha ha…

    So two or three drivers had seat fittings, another two talked to the teams and the other six “were an option for SGP”

    I’m guessing “was an option” indicates absolutely no communication took place at all.. “Fangio was an option for SGP until further investigation revealed he was dead.”

    Also, their new facilities at Setfan technical park will able to be compared with the operations centres of the leading F1 teams…

    Yes! I too, can compare my navel fluff with carbon-fibre…. one is an expensive, light weight but strong material used in building race cars and the other is cheap, lightweight, and has no known structural properties….

  10. Henry

    Funnily enough the CAD drawing in the background is the same CAD drawing that USF1 was using.
    I wonder if theres anything in that….

  11. 4u1e

    Isn’t the F1 entry process wonderful?

    2009: Four start up teams: One failed, one bailed out by Bernie (allegedly), the survivors are about 2 seconds a lap off the back of the field (And how long will Virgin hang around for with that kind of publicity? There’s underdog, and then there’s dead dog…)

    2010: Applications from (so far): one team with no facilities, no background in racing whatsoever, and no evidence of any money; and one bankrupted GP2 team.

    Is it me, or is this not really attracting the right people?! Not having any money or experience seems to be a key criterion.

    • I think the point is that many would be team owners and their investors have seen what has happened to others and realised how hard it is not just to make the thing happen, but get anywhere near the pace. This time last year I think many people were genuinely convinced that they could repeat what the ‘little private team’ Brawn GP was doing. Never mind the billions invested by BAT and Honda over 11 years or so…

      • 4u1e

        You have a point …but, but, but…I still find it really hard to believe that Lola, Prodrive and Epsilon Euskadi wouldn’t have been in a better position (financially and technically) to make a go of this.

        But of course they weren’t willing to become part of the new Cosworth phalanx intended to partly neutralise the position of the manufacturers….or is that just me being cynical?

  12. Rick M

    I’m sick of hearing anything about “Stefan GP”. It’s just a waste of time. I wish all the media would just cease and desist altogether.

  13. Black Knight

    Upon further review – the FIA better find a way to lure the manufacturers back to this sport in a hurry for 2013. My guess is that all of the current new teams will be gone. When they had the $40m bond requirement – “smoke and mirror” entries need not apply. That served the sport pretty well for years. Thanks to Mosley and his crew we now have this sort of nonsense.
    1.5L turbocharged engines with regenerative electric power of some sort will draw the OEMs back. Even Honda and Toyota might re-consider.

    • 4u1e

      No, Mosley was right that F1 cannot rely on manufacturers. They will leave when it no longer suits them, and as this year is demonstrating, there is no pool of potential teams/constructors who can repopulate the sport when the manufacturers go.

      What we need is some way of making it not worth spending manufacturer levels of money, while simultaneously bringing back a much wider variety of technologies and circuits. Undo everything B.C. Ecclestone has done to F1 since about 1980, in other words.

      Destroying the sport’s value as a sponsorship vehicle might do as an alternative….

  14. 4u1e

    A man can dream…

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