Horner hoping for alternator fix by Suzuka

Christian Horner is hoping that Renault will have its upgraded alternator ready to race as soon as the Japanese GP.

Sebastian Vettel has had two failures this year, one while leading in Valencia, and another in Monza. Red Bull had no issues in the Singapore heat, but Horner admitted that he was nervous.

“Every time I saw a Renault powered car stop, the first question was why?,” he said. “Maldonado retired, but I think that was hydraulics, then we saw an issue with a Caterham, but that was because I think they forgot to put a wheel on.

“The alternators on both [our] cars behaved impeccably at what is arguably the hardest race of the year on the car, on the engine, on the drivers, and in the pit wall.”

Regarding the work being done by Renault, he said: “I think they’ve got some more dyno testing to run on it. I think they’ve understood what the problem is from the D’Ambrosio [Monza] failure, because there was something left. That’s given some tell-tale signs for them and their supplier to work on to rectify.”

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