No surprises as Haas confirms Ferrari-focussed Grosjean

As expected Haas F1 has confirmed Romain Grosjean as its first signing for the 2016 season.

The Frenchman has walked away from a potential future as the key man in a revival of the Renault works team to align himself with Ferrari – and put himself in the best possible position to replace Kimi Raikkonen at Maranello in 2017. Grosjean is well known to Ferrari technical director James Allison from their Enstone days.

Gene Haas has long been adamant that he wanted a driver who had raced in 2015, and did not want to end up with two guys who drove in 2014 and had been on the sidelines since. Nico Hulkenberg turned down the chance, and will stay at Force India. Meanwhile Esteban Gutierrez still looks set to get the other seat as Haas says he will take one of the Ferrari reserves.

We wanted an experienced driver capable of developing our car and our race team into one that can score points and better itself each race and each season. We found him in Romain Grosjean,” said Haas. “I’ve been involved in motorsports for a long time and learned early on the most crucial component is the driver. Romain has strong credentials and he will be an important asset to Haas F1 Team.”

What Gene Haas and everyone at Haas F1 Team is building is impressive, and I’m very proud to be a part of it,” said Grosjean. “Formula One is incredibly competitive and the only way to succeed is by finding new ways of doing things. This is a new opportunity with a new team that is taking a very different approach to Formula One. I believe in their approach and they believe in me. While I am committed to giving my absolute best to my current team in these last five races, I am very excited for what the future holds at Haas F1 Team.”

 Team principal Guenther Steiner added: “In addition to being an experienced Formula One driver, Romain is very technically minded. He gives strong, specific feedback as to how the car performs. As we develop our car in testing and throughout the season, his insight will be crucial.”


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7 responses to “No surprises as Haas confirms Ferrari-focussed Grosjean

  1. Off Track

    Many a hopeful may be focused on Ferrari, but I’m guessing that Ferrari are only focussed on Max Verstappen, and on his rock they will pin all their future hopes.
    I have no doubt that he and not Seb will realise the new Schumacher dream.

  2. @ncsfoo

    They way things at Red Bull are going maybe their “Ferrari” driver will end up being Faniel Ricciardo 😉

  3. OK, everyone is always focused on whether or not Rossi has seat time and whether or not Esteban has more seat time. At the end of this season, Rossi will have 5 races compared to Esteban’s 19 (from 2014). This should be a no-brainer for Haas, choose Rossi.

    This story tells the tale. Grosjean wants to drive for the Red team in 2017. Doesn’t Haas want a stable driver who will lead the team and help engineer the car? Wouldn’t an American driver be better off on the American team because of what the media and sponsors can do over here?

    • GeorgeK

      I think Haas’ strategy is well thought out. Let some “experienced ” drivers sweat through the cars growing pains in season 1 and possibly into season 2. Then if the car is a reasonably respectable mid-pack runner, bring in Rossi to see what he can do.

      NOTHING would be worse for a new American team to seem to be foundering with an “inexperienced” American driver. It would nip his career bud before having a blooming chance, and not sell well for Haas in the US market.

  4. Don Davis

    How many $$$$ come along with Esteban would seem to be the question…….

  5. ronmon

    I was not a Grosjean fan back in the days when he was trying to decapitate Alonso, but he recognized his problems and overcame them. He’s very quick now and quite steady, so I think Haas made a good choice.

    Gutierrez would fit well in the second seat due to his North American roots and some Carlos Slim money couldn’t hurt. He is also pretty solid, though less experienced than RoGro.

  6. I guess today’s news about Grosjean saying he didn’t know about the Renault/Lotus deal or he would have stayed might change Haas’ mind…

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