Mercedes fined €10,000 for Schumacher unsafe release

Mercedes has been fined €10,000 for an unsafe release of Michael Schumacher during Q3 in Korea.

Schumacher pulled out of his garage into the fast lane while Lewis Hamilton was approaching, forcing the McLaren driver to take the inside line to avoid him.

Both drivers played down the incident, although the FIA decided that the team was culpable.

“I noticed only when suddenly it got a bit noisy around me,” said Schumacher. “Because with the cockpit sides you don’t really see much of what happens on your left. It was one of those misunderstandings that can happen. The pit lane is wide enough, so I guess no big deal.

“Everyone’s trying to get out as soon as possible and that’s what they did,” said Hamilton. “He wasn’t in my way, I was just able to get by him.”

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