Ferrari set to confirm Massa for 2013

Ferrari team principal Stefano Domenicali all but confirmed tonight that the team will soon announce that Felipe Massa is staying on in 2013.

Massa had another strong race in Korea, shadowing Fernando Alonso to the flag in fourth place.

“Very good, I’m very happy,” said Domenicali of Massa’s Korean race. “He did an excellent race, and an excellent qualifying. But I have to say he’s doing an excellent job since a couple of races, so this is really very promising for the end of the season.

“And if I want to anticipate the next question that I’m sure someone will ask, very soon you will know what will be our position on that respect.”

Asked about Massa’s recent resurgence, he said: “I think that for sure he’s understanding now better the car, he’s understanding better the tyres. We believe that he’s a very, very strong driver, there’s no doubt, because otherwise we would already have taken a different decision.

“I feel that now when Felipe has under control his understanding of the tyres on the car, he’s performing at the level he should.”


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2 responses to “Ferrari set to confirm Massa for 2013

  1. Well, they’re Italians and fans of massa and pasta. Mean, Massa (with a capital letter “M”). Oxford dictionary claims “massa” can also mean “master”: “Massa, I have some news for you.”

  2. melonfarmer

    I guess it will be for 2013 only (on reduced pay) so let the rumours of Vettel to Ferrari begin again 3 races into next season.

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