Abiteboul replaces Fernandes as Caterham team boss

Cyril Abiteboul, who became CEO of Caterham F1 in September, has been promoted to the role of team principal.

The former Renault man replaces team founder Tony Fernandes, who is focussing on the Caterham Group and his other businesses.

Fernandes said: “The strategy for the establishment and growth of Caterham Group has now reached the stage where we can step back from the day to day running of the F1 team in favour of Cyril who will be able to dedicate himself full time to the role and work closely with Riad [Asmat] to help take our automotive interests into the next stage of their growth.

“[Cyril] has extensive experience in F1, he is extremely well respected and he shares our vision for what we want our team to achieve. He takes over during a season when we have not yet fulfilled our potential, but at a time when we have everything in place to help us do so. One day we will earn our seat at the top table of Formula 1, and he is the right person to take us there.”

Cyril Abiteboul added: “We have big challenges ahead of us but the shareholders are committed and behind us to help us take significant steps forward over the coming years, and one day challenge for the highest honours in F1.”


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3 responses to “Abiteboul replaces Fernandes as Caterham team boss

  1. Stone the crows

    Fernandes has done well getting this team started, I hope Abiteboul can move Caterham up into the points. Perhaps he’ll start by giving Mike Gascoyne his walking papers.

    • Natthulal

      “Perhaps he’ll start by giving Mike Gascoyne his walking papers”
      I suspect that has already happened and in case of Gascoyne, his sailing adventures seem to be case of walking the plank. Given the English and Europe centric nature of F1, I guess Tony doesn’t want to cause uncertainty among the troops in the trenches by formal announcement.

  2. This Pitboul announcement is quite intriguing, but (as they say in F1, well, I actually just made it up) all you need is (a combination of) Glock (and Singapore) in order to beat Caterham in 2012 and beoyond. The team has underperformed badly this year. Fedossia, mean – Marussia, are racing without KERS and have Cosworth at the back of their car (vs. full-on Renault partnership+KERS for Catercheese), but even poor Heikki is barely able to keep Glockenpic pair behind him. 2 pay-per-view-drivers is obviously a possilibity for Caterers in 2013.

    The one guy who is likely to cash in on the team is Ghosn the great, it’s understandable he wants to move on from Renault factory team era, which he didn’t like since day 1 at the office. Still, gotta tell ya, the 1st win for Catercheese is likely to be in 2022 – if not 2032, while Lotuseers from Enstone are like throwing their weight about and lapping poor Super Tony cars like crazy 12 times a lap. It’s like that and that’s the way it is, baby. Besides, Mike G. can be good, but not as smart as Pat S., I think it’s not a coincidence that TF1 under Mike’s guidance was a bit of a disaster, at least from the outside looking in. Bring on Steve Nichols!

    Will try to write something more serious next time.

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