Ferrari targets title challenge with new SF16-H

Ferrari F16-H

Ferrari unveiled its new car in an online launch today amid much optimism in the Maranello camp about the season ahead.

Dubbed the SF16-H, the car features more white in its livery than in recent years, harking back to the golden years of the mid-70s.

The car is very different from its predecessor, and notably after four years with pullrod front suspension, Ferrari has gone back to pushrod.

Team boss Maurizio Arrivabene made it clear that the team has to be in the fight for the World Championship this year.

“Normally I’m not setting the objective, it’s my boss who sets the objective,” said Arrivabene. “Last year the objective was three victories, we got it. I think this year we need to push a bit more, so it’s going to be the championship.

“At least we would like to fight until the end for the championship. I know it’s nit going to be easy because our competitors they are not sleeping at all. For sure we are all committed to do our best.”

Technical director James Allison said of the car: “I have to say looking at it today I feel very, very happy and extremely proud of all the people here at Maranello, and I can’t wait to take it racing.”Ferrari F16-H


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5 responses to “Ferrari targets title challenge with new SF16-H

  1. Off Track

    I was dreading the reports of white used in the livery, but now I think it adds something to the look.
    Ferrari have not been this happy and optimistic in many years. Let’s see (as Kimi might say) if everything will fall into place!

  2. Michel

    Adam you are great at f1 thanks for iti know max and follow him every ware

  3. Ugly as hell. Can’t believe anteaters R still around. Disappointed with F1 right now. Obviously, people will say don’t watch if you don’t like it. But… F1’s popularity is probably lagging behind IndyCar. What happened to the eye candy F1 cars? Even 2008 Christmas trees looked better. Meh. Grey colour schemes & Lego car designs, a caricature, not a top level event.

  4. DW

    There’s a pretty significant difference around the back end of that car … definitely lost a good few inches.

  5. Steve W

    Looks like any red and white formula car with a bunch of gee-gaws stuck all over it.

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