Ecclestone on Austin: “They’ve done a super job”

Bernie Ecclestone says he’s happy with the way COTA has turned out and is full of praise for the new venue.

“I think the circuit itself is absolutely fantastic,” said Bernie. “Everything they’ve done is unbelievable, everything we asked for they did. I think everything is fantastic. Everybody seems happy. I had a complaint about the weather not being hot as people were expected! They’ve done a super job, couldn’t ask for anything better.

Regarding the best way to grow the sport in America, he joked: “Have maybe 10 races like we have in Europe – same population, same size.

“I think America can probably last without F1, and I suppose F1 can probably last without America. But it’s good to be here.”

He also had some tongue-in-cheek comments about another race on the continent.

“I’ve been asked this morning about – what’s that place next door, Mexico isn’t it? I said this all you’ve got to build, and we’re in business.”

Bernie confirmed that F1 would not return to the old Mexico City circuit: “Definitely not.”


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2 responses to “Ecclestone on Austin: “They’ve done a super job”

  1. claygate

    Can’t wait for the weekend. MIssing Friday but I’ve been looking forward to this for ages. Let’s hope this race stays here for a loooong time.

  2. The main entertainment barometer is the race itself, with so many corners and endless corner sequences… I’ve my doubts to be honest. Tilkedromes are normally being plugged like crazy by the media (not sure if on special request or not) but leave a bitter taste, without DRS that is. Hopefully there’ll be a decent crowd and everyone will enjoy it, I’ll believe the greatness of this circuit when I see it on TV.

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