Alonso promoted as Massa takes gearbox penalty

Felipe Massa is set to get a five-place grid penalty in Austin after Ferrari broke the seal on his gearbox.

It means that Fernando Alonso moves up from eighth to seventh on the grid, which not only gains him a place but puts him onto the clean side of the grid.

The team has just broken the seal, and not changed the gearbox. Article 28.6s says a penalty “will be imposed” in such circumstances.

A Ferrari spokesman tols this blog: “It’s a decision taken to maxmise the potential for Fernando at the start.”

The top 10 are now:












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12 responses to “Alonso promoted as Massa takes gearbox penalty

  1. racer

    Was there any indication that Massa was having a gearbox problem? Or was this just a strategic move to move Alonso up a spot on the grid and get him to the clean side of the track.

    Both will have a significant impact on the start as this could get Alonso three positions just at the start.

    Don’t imagine Massa will complain as he is onboard for 2013 and out of contention for this year, anyway.

  2. Mick

    As this is just a tactic to move Alonso up the grid, is there a chance that other teams might raise a protest of some sort? ..particularly those who move from the clean to the dirty side of the track

  3. Paul

    I guess F1 is all about making the most out of the available rules, and I’d much rather Fernando win this year than Vettel, but I just feel sorry for Bruno Senna, who will lose out big time here if the dirty side really is that bad.

  4. If the championship is at stake, game on..

  5. ronmon

    Slick move by the Ferrari folks.

  6. David Arita

    I do insist, only if GOD’d changed his mind or if Fernando Alonzo made a miracle, it could avoid that Sebastian Vettel wins he champonship today!

  7. David Arita

    And if Sebastian gets crowned today, being Lewis the winner of th GP, even better!

  8. James

    PATETHIC move from Ferrari as always! It is funny how Massa started to accept so much being Alonso’s slave!!

  9. Jason C

    Given the disparity between left and right, they had to do this, didn’t they? Shame for Massa, but there you go – it’s a team orders issue.

  10. CTP

    though i’m not a fan of some of the stunts ferrari pulls, i have no problem with this in the circumstances.

  11. Bryan Strydom

    This is exactly what I expect from Ferrari. They ALWAYS manipulate the situation. They do not have the word “Sportsmanship” in their vocabulary. I will be a staunch Red Bull – Vettel supporter in Brazil.

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