Lewis Hamilton: “It’s been a great weekend”

Lewis Hamilton was a hugely popular winner of the inaugural US GP in Austin, having previously won the final race in Indianapolis back in 2007.

Hamilton dropped to third at the start, but passed first Mark Webber and later Sebastian Vettel to win by less than a second.

“It’s been a great weekend, to be able to beat Red Bull and Sebastian is definitely a tough challenge but we managed to do it today,” said Hamilton. “I don’t know, we weren’t so bad in the first stint, but it was very difficult to follow and to get past. We pitted maybe two laps before Sebastian, so then he came out quite far ahead but traffic really worked out quite well for once.

“Traffic usually catches me out, so I was glad that it worked slightly in my favour at some points. But what a great feeling to win the first Grand Prix here, back in the States, I won the last one here as well, so I’m massively proud.”

Hamilton admitted it was hard to keep up with the Red Bull given the RB8’s speed.

“They’re pretty strong everywhere. The first sector is very difficult to follow through Four, Five, Six, Seven, such high speed it’s quite difficult to follow through there. The place where he really extended his gap was the exit of Nine.

“That was really where, in the most important part, where he made over a second gap, so I was struggling to remain close. As I said with traffic it all worked out really well. I knew that lap would be the lap that I would have a chance, so I turned the engine up and got close.”

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