Sebastian Vettel: “Brazil is a race like every other one”

Sebastian Vettel insists that he will treat this weekend’s World Championship showdown in Brazil like any other event.

Vettel has a 13-point advantage over Sebastian Vettel heading into the finale at Interlagos, with the weather forecast predicting rain for Sunday.

“I think the secret is to take it as any other,” said Vettel. “If you look in the calendar, Brazil is a race like every other one. You get the same amount of points and I think we are here to attack. Obviously we know that we are in a good position. Obviously, as I said, it’s something we know but still we have to be sharp and ready to attack.

“I think the circuit seemed to suit our car in previous years. I think we need to confirm it. So all eyes on Friday, to start the weekend, to get into the groove, but I think we can be as confident as we could in this stage. Obviously we know there is a lot ahead but we are in a great position.

“The weekend starts tomorrow morning and not on Sunday, so really we have to go step by step, trying to do everything to ensure that we get the maximum result. Historically we’ve been very quick here, historically we know also it’s quite a place where a lot of things can happen so we need to be sharp in the moment and see what we can get.”

Regarding the prospect of a wet race on Sunday, Vettel said: “In terms of general preparation we do what we can. Weather-wise, it’s Sao Paulo. It’s the same as if you go to Spa, you know, things can happen quickly and the weather can change a lot here. I spoke to some locals and I think there was a big rain two days ago which wasn’t expected.

“Probably for Saturday, Sunday, there’s some rain on the way, but then again you don’t know how much, and when so I think I asked Pirelli yesterday if they have all the containers here with the rain tyres, and that’s the case, so I don’t think we have to be concerned!”

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One response to “Sebastian Vettel: “Brazil is a race like every other one”

  1. Alberto Dietz

    Looks like only Baby-Schumi can beat Baby-Schumi. Cool.

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