Alonso boosted by Maldonado grid penalty

Fernando Alonso has once again benefited from a grid penalty, although this one was outside the control of Ferrari.

Having qualified sixth Pastor Maldonado was given a reprimand after missing a weight check during qualifying, and as it was his third of the year, the Williams driver has earned a 10-place grid penalty under Article 18.2 of the sporting regulations. An automatic penalty results from three reprimands within a season.

Alonso now moves up from eighth on the grid to seventh, which is exactly what happened in Austin last week, although the change from the dirty to clean side created an extra impact.

The top eight now reads Hamilton, Button, Webber, Vettel, Massa, Hulkenberg, Alonso and Raikkonen.

No action was taken by the FIA on the incident involving Pedro de la Rosa and Romain Grosjean.


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2 responses to “Alonso boosted by Maldonado grid penalty

  1. Sometimes I think that if Alonso qualified on pole, Ferrari International Assistance would’ve penalized pole position for some kind of infringementand and moved Alonso 30 metres ahead of pole! This dude is seriously lucky, still can’t believe it. Pastor, Pastor… das ist mucho eat my parasol, I was so looking forward to a mighty battle you’d give people in top ten but now my hopes are over! At least PM will be surrounded by various hot shots in his new starting position, might actually work.

    So, wot’s next? A broken gearbox for Massa? For sure, you know! Imagine in Melbourne next year all number 2 drivers will get a new gearbox, ever the trendsetters – Ferrari lost boys.

  2. Peter

    There’s something seriously amiss at Williams having had to cop this penalty – 3rd miss for the season? Has to be a no-brainer to sort, but they haven’t.

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