Lewis Hamilton: “The weather is going to be tricky tomorrow…”

Lewis Hamilton gave himself the best chance of ending his McLaren career on a high by securing pole in Brazil.

Although Hamilton won the title at Interlagos in 2008 he has never actually led a lap of the circuit.

“It’s been a good weekend so far,” said Hamilton. “I’m grateful to be able to put the car on the front row, and to have the last one-two in qualifying with Jenson in the same team. Just a fantastic job by the team – so grateful for all the opportunities they’ve given me. I hope that we can turn it into something really positive tomorrow.”

Regarding the race he said: “I think the weather is going to be tricky tomorrow so it’s definitely going to make it more of a lottery. But I think we’ve put ourselves in a really good position, and we are just going to do the best job we can from there and work together as a team, the best we have been for quite some time. So we will make sure we will do absolutely everything to get the top result.”

Like other drivers, he played down talk about running a wet set-up.

“Generally nowadays you don’t even really have much of a wet set-up. It’s not like in karting when you soften everything off.  The set-up in the dry and the wet is very, very similar – apart from ride heights maybe.

“We’ve just set the car to attack the qualifying and we don’t know what the hell is going to happen tomorrow. We just have to wait and see, make sure we get our tyre pressures right, make sure we get the tyre temperatures right and the brake temperatures and try to steer clear of any big puddles.”

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