Stefano Domenicali: “The 2013 season will be a complex one”

Ferrari team principal Stefano Domenicali admits that this season will be a tough one as the team prepares for the new turbo era in 2014 – but insists that the Italian outfit will be going all out to be competitive from the first race.

“The 2013 season will be a complex one from many points of view,” said Domenicali at a media event in Italy. “We face a few changes on the technical front which will have a significant impact on all areas of the company, not just in terms of design, but also when it comes to the investment and infrastructure required to develop the new engine.

“Within the limits imposed by the regulations, we need to put every effort into reaching our objectives, while making the best use of the timescale in preparing for 2014. Our aim is clear, to win, and the priority is still that of giving our drivers a car that will be competitive right from the very start.”

Domenicali is confident that the team will be able to retain a better grip on aero development as it is focussing on the Toyota wind tunnel rather than trying to compare results with Ferrari’s own.

“The development of the 2013 car began in the Cologne wind tunnel and is on-going. I certainly expect to see greater efficiency than last year, because we will no longer need to carry out comparisons of data and correlation with the Maranello wind tunnel, which is currently being rebuilt and is due to be operational again after the summer break.”

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