Drivers back FIA plans to control speeds under yellows

The FIA’s plans to slow cars under yellow flag situations have met with strong support from the drivers.

Ideas were discussed with Charlie Whiting at Friday’s regular drivers’ briefing – which was also attended by Jean Todt – and a trial run could be undertaken as early as practice in Austin.

The favoured option is the use of a delta time through the yellow flag section, as already happens for the whole lap when the safety car is first dispatched. Something akin to the pit speed limiter has also been mentioned, although it would be more complicated.

“I think last week shows that definitely we have to do something,” said Sebastian Vettel. “I think we have the technology to do a lot. We basically we have to find out what is the best. If we talk about a speed limit then what sort of speed limit. Obviously what you want to do is make it as fair as possible. I’m sure we have the opportunity with the current systems and technology that we have in the car, it shouldn’t be a big problem.

“I think it’s more about finding the right compromise so that everyone is happy. Hopefully by at the latest next year we’ll find something that we are all happy with. It doesn’t hurt to introduce something like that. Obviously our prime interest is safety, and right after that is the sport, so we want to make it as fair as we can.”

“I think it’s good,” said Lewis Hamilton. “I think what’s good is that they are reacting to it, they are trying to find what’s going to be the best solution. The problem with flags is that you want to be safe, but you want to lose as little time as possible, so you’re always on a knife-edge with it. Obviously when they put the limiter on through that sector, or whatever they do, then that really does take the pressure off us.”

“The important thing is that we’re all working together to come up with the best solution,” said Jenson Button. “I don’t know what’s right or wrong right now, but the important thing is that the teams, the FIA and also the drivers are all involved. We’re united in wanting to move forward.”

“I’m definitely for that,” said Daniel Ricciardo. “If it’s the same for everyone, and it just makes it safer, we are not going to complain, we are not going to argue about it. I’m happy obviously to see that there’s action being taken.”

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One response to “Drivers back FIA plans to control speeds under yellows

  1. Paul

    I love the idea of cutting engine power. Better yet – do away with the safety car altogether and have the FIA cut power of the cars for any double yellow flag event to limit their speed.

    It can’t simply be for one sector at a time because it wouldn’t be fair if a particular car just got caught in the ‘yellow’ zone twice and another car just once for a given yellow event.

    Seems simple – double yellow, cut the power of all engines electronically until it’s clear, then resume. Think of the effect this would have on races – a whole new layer of strategy.

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