Lewis Hamilton: “I need to do a lot of studying…”

Lewis Hamilton enjoyed much better fortunes with Mercedes in Jerez today, running 59 laps in the morning before more than doubling that total by the end of the day.

Hamilton said that overall he was happy with progress, but admitted that personally he still had to lot to learn about both the car and the team.

“It’s not a bad place for us to start, we definitely need to work and understand the car more,” he said during the break. “There’s a huge amount of work for me to fully understand – I need to do a lot of studying before I fully understand the car before the season.

“Every lap that I drive it I’m learning, every change that we make, I’m learning. Every time I refer to a set-up change I’m learning. But it’s going to take some time.

“I think we’re at the level we would have hoped to have been. I couldn’t really ask for more. The guys have done a great job to add downforce to the car and understand where they’ve been and take the car in the direction that they really want it to go.

“And now they need direction, they need me and Nico to tell them where we can improve the car, and which direction to go. Is it front end that we need to improve, or is it rear end? Is it globally, is it corner entry, is it exits? All this kind of thing we are working on.”

Asked if he was clear on what that direction was, he said: “I wouldn’t say I was clear, but in time with more testing I think I’ll become more clear.”

Hamilton admitted that he has no idea what the overall pecking order is.

“I’ve asked the guys to try and predict it, but they don’t know. We don’t know what fuel loads people are running, so it would be a guess.”


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5 responses to “Lewis Hamilton: “I need to do a lot of studying…”

  1. Andy Bosisto

    Lewis Hamilton will make Mercedes great what a challange he can do it.

  2. Stone the crows

    It must be a bit of a shock to Brawn and co. that despite starting so early on their 2013 entry they’re lacking downforce. In this regard Lewis has proven to be very useful already. I wonder how the car handles? Oversteer, understeer or balanced?

  3. Steve W

    Sounds like Mercedes are on the back foot already.

  4. Stone the crows

    Among many things Lewis brings to the table is a baseline for performance, having finished 2012 in one of if not the fastest car on the grid. More than Rosberg or Schumacher, Hamilton ought to be able to tell them what the Merc isn’t or should be doing. I’ve read elsewhere that the W04 is tending to understeer into turns and then going into snap oversteer coming out of the apex. I would suspect that combination indicates insufficient downforce and what they have isn’t balanced.

  5. Fozzie45

    Smoke and Mirrors, they will be competitive.

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