Raikkonen on Perez: “Some guys for sure you know what to expect…”

Kimi Raikkonen made it clear today that he hasn’t forgotten his collision with Sergio Perez in Monaco, and hasn’t changed his position on what happened.

Raikkonen said after the race that someone should punch Perez, and while he hasn’t taken that opportunity, he is still unhappy about losing priceless points.

“There’s nothing else I could have done apart from just drive straight,” said Kimi. “Using my own line I could have easily made the corner, but obviously he comes too fast and can’t stop.

“My line was in the middle of the circuit anyhow, so there was definitely no way that he was going to get past me if I didn’t move over, and I don’t really feel I should move over if another guy comes too fast. I did that already five or six laps earlier or something, just purely because I saw that he comes too fast and he would have hit me.”

“That hurt in the points, but I don’t feel any different now. It doesn’t change the fact that he f##ked our race up. If you ask one year from now it’s still the same ending. Obviously we got one point back, but it doesn’t take away the fact that he wasn’t right.

“I knew that he was going to try, and that’s why I braked every lap in the same place, and just went over the middle of the circuit. For sure he knew where I was going to be, and which line I would take.”

Regarding the lack of action from the FIA, he said: “I spoke with the stewards, and they thought it was a racing thing. But I don’t really see it. They said that Idid nothing wrong, but obviously there has to be somebody who did wrong.

“But I don’t think it’s going to change anything. I know that Charlie [Whiting] spoke to Perez. I don’t know what they spoke about, but obviously I don’t think it’s going to change.”

Kimi admitted that he can trust some drivers and not others.

“I mean sometimes you have to be with some guys, because you cannot trust them. If I take the top maybe five guys, you trust them, and you know if you are there they are not going turn into you, or they are going to race fair.

“We can be hard but we can be fair. It’s OK to be aggressive, but you have to have some idea behind an overtaking manoeuvre, even if you are aggressive, and not just have a hope, ‘He’s going to move over.’ You know certain guys will race hard and fair, but some guys for sure you know what to expect.”

He also said he’s not too bothered about beating Michael Schumacher’s record of finishes in the points.

“I don’t care about that, I care more about the points. If it comes it comes, but it doesn’t change the fact that we only try and score points and do as well as we can, and we’ve been doing pretty well. Obviously sometimes we have harder races than others, that’s always going to happen during the year. But hopefully we’ll get back where we should be.”


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15 responses to “Raikkonen on Perez: “Some guys for sure you know what to expect…”

  1. Mick

    I agree with Kimi, if a driver pulls a move where another driver either has to choose to let them past or crash then that is wrong. Perez pulled the same move several times banking on others to get out of his way / cut the chicane & be forced to give him the place. The stewards should think about what would happen if they didn’t make space for him. A collision would have occurred & Perez would have been penalised

  2. karol296

    Kimi forget about 2008 Monaco GP and Sutil? Kimi destroy his race, Adrian should score first points.

    • Chris

      Kimi at least admitted he was wrong and lost control of the car. He apologized to Sutil afterwards. The stupid Mexican doesn’t know he did anything wrong and is in fact being encouraged to continue this amateurish driving because Carlos Slim has one hand up Martin Whitmarsh and also one of the stewards in Monaco was also a Mexican, so was not punished for causing collision. Thankfully Karma bit his little enchilada off and he retired from overheating brakes.

      • Totally agree! And I have to tell you that I really like Checo, but you have to recognize when you make a mistake and he did, so he should apologize and learn.

    • See reply from Chris. There’s a difference between losing control and routinely making kamikaze moves. Kimi has been around since 2001 and add up the number of times he’s caused a collision… Not a long list is it?

  3. Matt T

    Perez was a revelation last year in the Sauber. This year, he’s more of a liability than Grosjean, and we know it took a fair few incidents before he was properly sanctioned in 2012. Perez needs an incident where he is the looser due to his own recklessness, Whitmarsh then reins him in and focusses on getting the car in the top four by speed, not by force. I am enjoying the Button Perez relationship, although that must surely end in disaster. Then Jenson will “Punch him in the face”! Bring it on

  4. Reblogged this on F1 Race Reviews and commented:
    Kimi just saying it like it is.

  5. wolfgang

    Kimi still seems to be making excuses. He claims that he was on his normal line, yet the Sky analysis clearly shows that he was moving across on Perez well before the 100 m board, something that he did not do on previous laps. the simple fact is that Kimi knew Perez would try and pass him there, and moved over to block him. So, come on Kimi, give Sergio some credit for trying to make a race out of it.

  6. Steve C

    Don’t race at a track where there is zero overtaking opportunities. If Kimi had made the same move on someone else we would all be cheering.

    • angelique

      That is the thing though, Kimi would never do moves like Perez did, and he has never done it. Kimi is a very fair racer.
      Perez was not even planing on making the chicane, he would never have made the turn with the line he took. It is difficult to overtake at Monaco but others like Sutil did it without crashing into others, and Kimi himself also made a few paces. Just because the circuit isn’t good for overtaking it doesn’t give divers an excuse to do anything they want. You cant just skip over chicanes and drive off the circuit when you want. If the chicane had a wall instead of a run off then Perez would never have been able to to even try this little trick.

  7. Julio

    Que se hace pendejo ese Kimi Rajon… le hecha la culpa a Perez… dice que el llevaba su trayectoria, si en las imagenes se ve claramente cuando el se le cerro a Perez siendo que el para tomar esa curva tenia tomar hacia la derecha y no a la izquierda como lo hizo… quiero suponer que lo queria amedrentar aventandole el carro y se lo llevo puesto, por lo tanto no es culpa de Perez si no del estupido de Kimi…

  8. Carlomagnus1

    Yeah Kimmi, we should build you a track just for you.
    Lap after lap Checo was faster than you, but you didn’t want to get passed… so you closed the only space possible.
    And yes you’re right, there were 5 points available for him… but some guys are not as conformist as you are… STOP WHINNING AND RACE…!!!!

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