Paul Hembery: “We’ll speak about everything at the tribunal…”

Pirelli boss Paul Hembery failed to appear at the FIA Friday Press Conference today after taking legal advice from company lawyers, thus avoiding a session which focussed totally on the test controversy.

He did appear later at Pirelli’s own press gathering, under controlled conditions, with no questions allowed regarding the upcoming case. However, inevitably the conversation did drift towards the subject.

“We’re going to a tribunal,” he said of the silence. “And if ever you’re going to a tribunal any lawyer will tell you at that point you have a formal process to follow, which we’re happy to follow, we’re supportive and following. We’ll speak about everything at the tribunal, that’s the point of a tribunal.”

Asked if he was looking forward to it, he said: “Of course we are. We want to be able to demonstrate our point of view, our situation. It’s not nice sometimes to hear things that you know are maybe quite wide of the mark. I guess when you’re quiet, then people can also use their imagination.

“The point of a tribunal, a well run tribunal I’m sure it will be because the FIA has put in a new process, is to look at all the data, and all the facts. There a lot of context that needs to be taken into account.”

He was also asked if his position was under threat from the Pirelli board: “They’re very happy, they’ve got no worries.”


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2 responses to “Paul Hembery: “We’ll speak about everything at the tribunal…”

  1. CTP

    Surely there will be punitive sanctions for Pirelli for not showing up for the press conference, lest this set a precedence?

  2. Sam

    This whole saga is getting spicier!!! I really believe something astounding is going to be revealed at the hearing. It is going to be either like the Dallas finale or something really stupid.

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